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Wendell's really. Yeah, he is. He wasn't always that hockey less list of things that we noticed that me. Well, the worst offenders day when Lynn Jeff is commenting about many challenge and he's like, you play. Rain, whether lush nurse wheels on his. He's working on his third project. I got the the toothpick daddy to fix thing routine. That's a little hockey. Yeah. After the reward challenge, Jack tried to open the floor when he said you guys bring one person survivor faster. I love the floor. They've wants mater ace and when like not yet. He having pretty lucky some people like it. I don't like the copies. I think he played a super strong game ethic. He deserves. You're saying you then these grown into that slack. Yeah, because you're right at the beginning of the game. He was very cool, chill friends with everyone. But as she's come to dominate a game with Dominic moral, he's like become more aggressively being honor, trying minimum. Yeah, but he ain't so sandal of him not Lenny, immunity Spurs according to him as well as the way ended the that was actually. But he did end up getting the necklace it. He never. Yeah. So he is this like challenge threat, but he has yet to win you. He always wins Robeiro word child. Yeah, we're driving your better because if he knows he's not going home. If he's in a position of Avoca tower, he doesn't need individual unity and he has a nominal him have reword, but was on that Hanania I've fractured in dropper Lucie Jeanne children. Yeah,

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