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We. Were all Sunday and I end up actually. For me it was me to people so I was like. A? Her freebies US like student Kendall big high. Noxious wherever the health. NACHOS. that. Debate kept wine whatever move on a megan. Brown sugar. Will get the sweetness current. Right. Allie. broadly are episodes like stories of us living with our parents. Oh. My is. Beckham. Teeth. So we have yet so. Parents in like we're Kinda doing what I'm bill mccollum over. My? At my parents house before leaving special handle it was a really new true. I. Mean it was probably was huge room view is big enough to sexual cows in plus all of my stuff. So when we would go out can with a on the count in my room, I have my own Little Lake Studio are evasively. Kitchen bathroom, but it was of the door France and. It wasn't even. Related. Amygdala League. Right. But until you all. You don't. Think oh so. BECA though. because. Yes. He called me up to. The Line I. Hope You. SORTA. To. Hold. Really. Hope you got wind. Else. Again. Yeah I got. The come. Come. August. I guess what? got. Crack. Crack. Couple videos actually, if you're listening to buy gas, you can't see it over right now. Yeah. So we're, GONNA. Do. The talks, out graphic Alzheimer's. Slaps y'all is good. It's really good. Shit this. This is bad. It's. Dollars you heard that. Yeah. I work at. Work Tomorrow will. You know our funding. That's what I said. We were relieving sold my. Opening so these So let's talking about what is happening with us in our life. Good news that we have. Guess you finally Janet Up car me yeah. It's one of those. Trail. Of springhill because my former boss and I'm alive talked about this, heart is open to my boss. My. Boss of offered me huge payroll basically come work fulltime which I'm going to do it. Yes. So I will be leaving the job kind of work together in about three weeks, but it's emotions. So it's closer obviously than to would've been is like an hour away yeah. It would have been as But. Blessing you like these. Link. The. Economy. One, lady act that is honestly the. Are we have our own level? Then we have A. Space that we can. But Guy Has Rafeh. You. I'm have little. I'm serious. And I'll just be like, oh this is sister chloe I wanNA Khloe Rosen. State. owned. The bathroom sound. Reindeer or thing Oh, somebody else's in new holding. Go. One thing I've. Learned this. Yes she's Dora. Question. because. I was really plummeting. Springhill who is records? It's huge joggers unity in getting a permit Nashville. You also think of US moving been reports the for us to get you on. How loving always spring. But now we're going to be like fuck continues on the road. So the mileage destroyed I. Also. Relationships. I thought it was a her time but honestly, I never felt. I. Bring. This Back over leaving riggan savings yeah. y'All y'all can't take Julie. Now. The Hams the best thing ever it really hits like everything is. That's off. Sprays finally took. For the best thing is we finally. I was. Real. Shy White people. But I'm just. Throwing out there because. Why not why? You know. So I think we're we're doing exactly what we need to do. Exactly. What we need to be in the society does he was. They were. Of Fear Lake. Only know what we're talking about. Four Bucks feel. Home. You know what I mean. It feels right. 'cause again, liberal parents. Them because. If I did I'd have. I'd have. Tom. Get on youtube so that's cool. Thank God, of course, my parents. Would offer the offered. It's me to come in my parents offered to pay for who tells. Me They. Told US THAT APARTMENT IN Arkansas, you're like I lived over in this area before I for three years. For over. A big difference the ten minute drive. Literally ten minutes. Difference Oh and we live. wrote it looked it up to. I can't wait. Looking at. How far away it is from my work I was there name of Ruben y'all say it. Would voter. With. Leeann owner with I am so Dr Bernard. Boehner Woods turn on voter woods. Are Normally. Turn on Boehner. Yes. That's.

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