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Eyes dez nitrates that improve blood flow to the brain and to your muscles and as foley there's alphatocopherol the natural form as is a good i share fully guy should that already how do i know that 'cause my brain work so this is rush university in chicago great research institution the team according to the team to rate of cognitive decline is linearly this is important i'm want explain what it means i'll translate few lenovo linearly associated with higher food intake shall fully follow queen on and loyalty that means the more you have the less cognitive decline you have unless you have the quickie you're going to lose your memory the more certain you're going to lose your memory all of these things are in a cabbage vegetables there will show by the way you get a lot of looting the natural bucci used and brain studies on ice studies and iraq hello which is on special today you will show shorter dr martha claire morrish she had a team of researchers at rush they looked at a thousand people from the memory and aging project a thousand people from the memory an aging project day ranged in age from fifty eight to ninety nine they had cognitive will shushma bench and frequently filled in food questionnaires over a fiveyear period the rate of brain decline among those who had one to two servings per day of the green leafy vegetables was the equivalent of being a loving years younger and the brain compared with those who rarely or never consume green leafy vegetables okay the people who had green leafy vegetables wanted to two times a day the brain was on average eleven years younger than people who didn't have it frequently who is a lot of evidence that the green leafy vegetables enhance your life his another one and don't forget we talk about a mediterranean diet all the time or the mind diet these are the kind of ingredients and all these diet in a mind diet in the uh in the uh uh mediterranean diet bijur are exactly the kind of ingredients you want eighty more vegetables may lower your.

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