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Well sell my guest tried to get him back to and that's a little bit of love are good for some reason pace came as looking for that joe flack all tied contract uh they may say you know what we're just not gonna go all in on the guy and what a one year wondered a onehit wonder we got a guy teddy bridge war that we absolutely love so there's a little bit of leverage on the vikings side of this situation roses those is our guest on the nfl on tune in sage i'm not trying to be a hot take artist here but does appear to point out the both case keen of nichols have wound up playing in the afc title game after they stop playing for jeff fischer or any calls it affects there yeah i i think there is i mean it's pretty obvious at this point that a look back at jeff fisher's time with the st louis rams than the la rams that uh you know he was a defence of guy he's old old school bayer's guy right he played for the old school 85 bears two and one of the great defense was if not the best event in the history national football league butter offense though that walter payton uh what we're really wasn't all that exciting with uh with jim mcmahon at the helm so uh that's sort of in his blood his dna and is pretty obvious that she just kept missing on you know coaches uh with with that authenticity weather st louis earlier l a shell i i don't think he appreciated now how how important it a really good a coordinator it's one that's not just detail not just the ban mean but you know extremely creative and understand how to use near different weapons because they had a weapon gone that football team with la and then the out if he didn't use todd girlie who is now the candidates if you use them they obviously didn't use him and all who the bill.

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