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Yeah, base dates back to when the rumor I came out and then there was that one person that made that comment that with that got a lot of backlash deservedly so about him being JAMES BOND and kind of continue. It sound like a kind of died off a little bit. But now I mean, look, we tweeted about it and people seem fucking pumped. I mean, it was like overwhelming people very excited for. It'd be very cool. It'd be very awesome. No doubt. Have they ever announced a new JAMES BOND when a current JAMES BOND has. As movie coming out still, I don't think so that that would actually make sense as to why it's not going to be. I mean, because that's that new one is still like individual -ment. So it's weird to hear that because then I could see people going into that one or seeing the trail and be like where the fuck sit yourselves. This'll be the next next James fund. But if everybody knows is Daniel Craig's last JAMES BOND movie with great certainty after being tugged around by him for the last four or five years than maybe that won't would get a little bump at the box office. Yeah, thirty. He reneged out of that last time though. So maybe the, I don't know if that would carry the same amount of weight now at the boy, you cars true? Yeah, he JAMES BOND so they can do the joker movie type thing that you're gonna have one. JAMES BOND and the others going to be bond in seven. Seven. It's two of them going. Yeah, I ate yourselves great. I think it'd be good. I do need to say this. Where does where's bonds sit in terms of your hype level after seeing in my six. It's tough. Well, it's all. It's going to be up there because it's always a bond movie. It's always an event that that's the thing about it is my six was like a great movie, but it didn't feel like an event. I feel like every November December, when a bond movie gets released, it's like an event. It's like, oh, it's the bond movie. Yes. The my six close to an event is I think at m. i. movie can get 'cause it was so hyped, but you're right. And I think the thing with me is I'm still excited because I love Daniel Craig, but I just hope it's it's interesting because you have there. They're really to for four. They're batting five hundred here. Quantum of solace was legit. Just not good. I didn't hate specter. It just wasn't like coming off a sky fault was just nothing such a letdown so I know win. I don't know. The seems does seem like a, here's my sample size. 'cause I'm not a huge JAMES BOND his story, and I've seen a few of the older movies, but you know, I can tell you golden was Pierce Brosnan's first one, and that was good down Daniel Craig's casino royale his first one that was good. So does seem like in recent history, the first off the bat debut movies for JAMES BOND Argote. So I am looking forward to cell this movie, but it is going to be confusing because you've Daniel Craig's and like when they get announce it, what's the development timeline going to be where you have to wait six years to get it or sell the. JAMES BOND movies are usually spaced out far enough to which that's never been a problem. Like when they've done their change over from Roger mortar Timothy, Dalton, or whatever order it was, I don't think they've ever had that done concurrently, but I I also the time line between those movies at the you should be like three years or something or four years between them. I don't think they've ever had them released that soon between like three or four like a year to year. I'm just saying, if let's say this week they announce Idris elba's the next JAMES BOND. And then you have this bond movie coming in twenty nineteen twenty twenty like you wouldn't have Idris. Elba's JAMES BOND twenty twenty four. That's a long time to wait for his JAMES BOND..

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