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Even talks about that situation yes no physically but i'm saying in terms of actually wants things get moving when arnold schwarzenegger lands the worst thing he faces is bill paxton actually playing one of those right yeah yeah two other guys basically these punks who aren't any threat at all give him some grief and he has to kill them in gruesome way the moment reese arrives the police are after him through all these places you know why did he land in the wrong spot is that the machines figure that out too i for the film's purposes let's just say it's stacking the deck right so that the terminator looks invincible i mean it works that way i do i think that police chases one that does go on a little a little long to but yeah okay let's let's keep arguing here because here's another thing that i was surprised didn't hold up that well we're some and emphasize some of the special effects stan winston working here and it pains me to criticize anything he does because a legendary career and much of his work i've really appreciated i think the problem here is that there's a huge gap between the effects on schwarzenegger that we see the makeup and those sorts of thing and animatronic agree and the purely animatronic head of the terminator that we get a fair amount it's not like just one throwaway head the whole body yeah well at the very end now where it's more like stop motion harry housing esque yeah i like that like that even totally distract well it didn't distract me because the gap is meant to be big there because we're now down to the skeleton of the elemental frame exactly's different and so there's no uncanny valley we've leapt over it but those moments where we cut from schwarzenegger's actual face to this animatronic had assuming is what it is it's not schwarzenegger that's just it's almost like they're too close and the effects don't quite get us there i don't ever recall having an issue with the shots of schwarzenegger's face i kind of liked all those scenes actually with him working on himself and the right so we agree on that i wanted to argue with you about this and i came prepared only in so far as this is the bad thing about letterbox twitter and all these things you post your reviews ahead of time and then i will occasionally see snippets and i'll start drawing conclusions about things you said and i happen to check letterbox the exact moment or at least in my feet when our friend mary men was responding defending stan winston the effects and i didn't wanna read it 'cause i and we watch terminator it's the top thing in my feed and of course i'm really curious what a brett and josh arguing about so i get a little taste of what you guys are arguing about and i'm like okay i cannot wait to watch this film and think that the effects are pretty awesome for nineteen eightyfour and never end some of them are yes what i will say is i really wish that they just gotten rid of anything involving the color blue and i say that because every moment that there are those lightning crash yeah the electric city around them or the laser blasts in the future those take you out of the moment in a way none of the other effects really do at least for me until the end of the.

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