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Bottom of the seventh hearing the los angeles dodgers are dying out suwei prevot of answer to the world series they have a command ignite twoone lead of the chicago cubs at dave roberts has turned it over to that bullpitt of his kent up i eder's at every day and what a weapon he has become dan moving to the bullpen here for the playoffs the starter normally during the regular season fastball that's usually in the low 90s as a starter we've seen it up in the mid nineties coming out of the bullpen and a slider has been a real weapon great command with a great sharpness do it'll also mix in a curve and a change but on to really dominate writings which he's done so well in the postseason it's primarily the fastball slider combination willson contreras the first battery faces the first pitch just additive for boll one but a baker travis russell by as all righthanded batter scheduled for the cubs near the seven quite kershaw go six innings gives up a runoff free hits walks what strikes out five at rose eighty died pitchers sixty of the first rice the water what a swing into this at a slider doubt it away one at all by eager to the rosita bag outs of numbers all the dodgers bullpen near where the coasties the bullpen collectively as if he er ray of 105 at at opponents batting average of watt 28 through the first seven games water water at a wicket of all horror down the leftfield live with a wellfounded let's give those again i'll 105 era at a one 28 opponents batting average who the dodger bullpen of the royal chauffeur you know they have the obviously perhaps the greatest closer in the sport right now it can lead janssen at the back in but then a chance that up all pen that really copley complemented each other so well moralism merge as an elite setup man but then what we've been a well we've seen now at my ada especially against writings swearing in of arizona want you operate to a trailer as donald strikes window the two lefthanders that they added at the trade deadline tony watson antonis at grati have really become key contributors you know stripling as a.

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