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Am the answer call from telling me she was then she didn't know what to do she was all alone i everybody you're listening to the dennis prager show well article in the new york times today about how many socialists are running now for office are running for office now that'd be better members of the democratic socialist party of america and let's see for example rather than shy away from being called a socialist a word conservatives have long wheel that as a slur candidates like mr bynum is that was the houston judge or embracing the label he is among dozens of democratic socialists of america running for running in this fall's midterms for office around the country at nearly every level in hawaii chemi inga's state representative is running for congress gayle mclaughlin a former mayor of richmond california's running to be the state's lieutenant governor in tennessee dennis prater i'll be like that poor guy i wonder if name is sometimes confused with buying he must kill him an adjunct professor at east tennessee state university is running to be a county commissioner outrage over rising inequality has simmered for years that's that's it that's why have a left gains power everywhere that's how shoppers was elected in venezuela and now everybody's poor virtually country isn't shambles i don't i don't have outrage over rising inequality and it's not because i have more money than most americans of course i do i mean most many of you listening do probably half at least half of you no i but when i had when i was on the other half of the spectrum i felt this it didn't bother me that people had more money than me it bothered being if i was not able to earn more money that's what matters the existence of others who are richer is is never registered in me morally or emotionally i'll give them the left does that's that's what they care about they don't they don't fight evil they find any quality outrage over rising inequality has simmered for years erupting into the occupy wall street movement and the ground swell of support for senator bernie sanders a self described democratic socialist but it was the election of.

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