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All the different groups within google cloud the pm's the engineering the operational sda town to sales support itself and through those providing technical advisory product the influence and assistance would operation so for example is ducasse mention deals a massive amount of usage uh when they kickoff those uh workloads as well we have teams be behind that are kinda watching it and look in making sure everything works a properly in is it should be and through our relationship with with lucas myself in engineering we are always going to make sure that these things are a ticking away like they should be that's one example send nine curious about how are di friend or a similar to cieri skeleton a reliably leans in here yeah that's a fair question of very good one i i guess the main differences that we have an account wide relationship that he's continuous and constant i'm always going to be there even there's going to be one or more syrian gauge there's always going to be a ski that oversees the technical aspect of the relationship between road institute in google so no matter what anything that has to be with technical aspect of those relationship the skis going to be involved and make sure everything is moving in the right direction in dozen gorth ognall so you there are going to be multiple engagement that are in technical nature through series through professional services organizations uh but as a ski uh as uh the.

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