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The person that got little shop on off Broadway you had he ever. Gotten. It had Jeffrey Kassenberg and David. Geffen never said, you know you gotta we gotTa have this Guy There are incredibly creative people out there who live and die without. That with without that, it wasn't a slam dunk. You know there was where he was going to go into publishing because he didn't see that he could maybe make this work I think he really he never would have stopped I think he would have started a little children Cedar, which was kind of a passion I don't know if you speaking to Alamein but he About. but you know he he. It was his passion. It wasn't just I'm going to be he never. He really did never say I'm going to be famous. I'm going to you know make fortunate this none of that. It was something he really had to do. Well, it's it's amazing. You know none of us know how much time we have but it is pretty incredible to see that. In the time he did have he did accomplished he accomplished as much in that short time as some will in their entire career and many will never do. You know. When you just look at even the smallest fits if you just look at the Disney films and little shop is a whole other. Who Doesn't love that it's an amazing show. It's incredible music who doesn't love that. But if you just look at the Disney films that would be enough to to put you, you know it into the stars. It's really it just blows my mind. The whole thing was my mind and he really was so special. I mean I mean to downplay it all who Howard was. She was extraordinary downplaying in the slightest. You're honest. He's a person. He's a whole person. You know there's good and bad at it. That is life. You're saying that he would've been fulfilled. Creatively. Even history had just been a local children's grew if it wasn't a war. Not, I mean certainly he loves success and I've said this Howard. Is on the few I've ever known who got better with success non he he did enjoy and I and I did just over here bill saying and it's really true. He wanted other people to enjoy to it was you know he brought you into the pleasure he was happy. Then that was a one you know as I say, I, I was I was up nobody's actress but he you know he brought me into that world and then I did wind up frankly in college majoring in theater only because Howard seemed to be having so much fun. I thought I WANNA do that two. Wonderful Gosh. That's wonderful. So the same the same. Question. I'm going ask each of you. What was your favorite thing about him? What drove you crazy and what do you hope people take away from the film? I'm GONNA TAKE.

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