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All right, textual 6 words. How should we go in so far? O four 7 5 O three one O four three. Jackie boy, what's it for you? Remind me to go to the dryer cleaner. I always forget about the dry cleaner. We've had a doona cover there since August. That's some record. So we're in November now. Today, how shall you call you? No. If it's hanging on one of those big racks, I guess, so suits, dresses for the cup, and then a duna. The other so I have trouble picking things up from there and taking things there. So if I put something in the back of my car, must remember to take that to the dry cleaner. It can stay in there for months as well. But after not having won a suit for three years because of COVID, for some reason I've got the awards night that we had on Saturday and now I've got to wear a suit again on Friday. It requires a suit. It's not like you. I'm going to the premiere of phantom of the opera. A tough time. I want you to sing along with it. I love it. I've never seen it. Yeah, you'll love it, Jack. It's very powerful. Now, can you tell me this? Also, it's been put on by opera Australia. Is it an opera? It's a musical. It's a musical. It's not strictly a classic one. Yeah, it's not strictly like you want to understand what they're singing about. It's just they're doing these sort of mainstream productions lately. But so if it's an opera Australia production, is it going to be? What are you talking about? I don't want to go do the opera. Why? I want to go. You love Andrew Botticelli's. Time to say goodbye. You love that. That's not right. But I can't do two and a half hours ago. Why are you going? I don't know. You had to go. So I'm kind of thing to go to musical. I'm not putting the calendar a month ago. That's the same way. I never have any say. Once it goes into calendar, there's no say is there once it's in. It's happening. We have no say in that. Yeah. And mom's got Gordy for the night at all. You can't muck with it once it's in the calendar. In Patsy, what's your 6 word? Yeah, audio refuses to wear trekkie decks. So today, school has got an excursion to sovereign hill, which is fabulous, the kids have been looking for a good old classic school trip here, isn't it? Yeah, looking forward to it. So when they go on excursion, they have to wear sports uniform, which at this time of the year, Maine's polytope in shorts. Yeah. And I looked at the weather map yesterday and I said, oh. It's a bit fresh, isn't it? Or it's 11° in ballarat tomorrow with bane to sovereign hill before you know how cold it gets hail 40 K wins today. No. I'm wearing shorts. Kick it off again. Oh shoot, no, I don't want it coming home with the sniffle. So you said she can't wear shorts. Of course she can't. It's a living degree for the chill of 5. Okay, plus a mom screwed up taking a seat. She in some sort of fur coat. No, she's wearing shorts and I said, well, how about we compromise and you pack your track your decks? Just so if you cold, you can put them on the mom not doing that. That's ridiculous. But she knows everything at the moment. She knows better than me. Oh, how dare she have her own opinions? Yep, that's right. They do often hope better than us. Well, I had to get dressed in the lost property close one time because my dad sent me to this one. It was a mish mash, wasn't it? Oh, the shame of going to the law. It was a threat, wasn't it? When you go, I forgot my kit. Well then, you'll have to go don't say sir. The last drop. And that mishmash of ill fitting stuff is like a crop top you've got to do. But Christian O'Connell show podcast. How should we go so far? You can tell us in 6 words Kidd has gastro more sleep, please. That's some John. John, we get everything that's going on in there. Sorry to hear that. Drinking with the girls and infamous. Well, now, aren't you? Or you have been? This is present tense there, aren't you? Got first in the cup, Karen? It will watch the race yesterday if you watch your party. Yeah, of course, but I should have put some money on it. See, yeah, no senior Eddie McGuire pop up there on earth. And we just turned up. That's my car and got first of the cup. Local sweet local pub suite was rigged. $8 a sweet third place. Wow, Chris really was a high stakes. Two and a half thousand K 19 hour drive naked. Two and a half hours ago. House settled Monday moved in yesterday, that's from Matt, blackbeard, algae, driving me crazy, never heard of black beard algae. Is that a pirate? I don't know. She moved in next door. What is blackbeard? Algae. Is it in your garden or something? I hate my boss, I need tats lotto. That's on Patsy. Little bratz stole the spider from my door. Halloween. So did you miss out on Halloween? Oh my God, they came around Monday and I was not in the mood for I was in the middle of moving my mother or stuff and they came around to my house and I was just about to get something and the car was crammed under one of the most gear and I just went, they went, have you got chocolate? We're diabetic. That, by the way, I next you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna get printed up science saying where diabetic to give away to listeners. Then it would leave you alone then. They were just left us alone. My 6 word weeks so far is, so this month got two birthdays. My wife, and then my youngest daughter turned 16. Youngest daughter turned 16, she's having a party for 20 minutes. This is when he's not bad, though. 20s a lot, Jack can handle 20. 20 after what happened New Year's Eve, she had a party you see that still gets talked about. All I can say would have been clear to say on air was, there was an. Aroma. We all know what I'm talking about. There was an aroma, okay? There was an aroma. And I was told to my face, dad, you're being paranoid. There's no Roma. The gaslighting you. I know. I know that aroma. You don't was cool once. I know, that sweet smell. It's unmistakable, okay? Now, we've got some incense on a go. That is not you. That's how you party. That is not your Lang Lang, so I've said they can't, I do not want to smell the waft of an aroma. Anyway, I said, do you know what, though? We're going to do something this year because you're turning 16. Dad wants to make you something. So I said, you know, what I'm going to make you and your mates are profiterole mountain. I went, no, you know what? I won't make you a profession. This is my 6 one week. I'll make you a donut mountain. So I'm going to make a donut mountain. Perfect. After the kids after they set that aroma. No aroma. No, ya Lang Lang incense. I don't want to smell anything. Other than too much aftershave on the boys in camera, okay? I'm going to make a donut mountain, but I need quite a lot of donuts to make a substantial good thing for her and her mates. Easier to stack though I imagine than profiteroles. Has anyone has anyone got any experience of making a profiterole or a donut mountain? Well, I need glaze as some kind of like glue. Will they? What about toothpicks? Couldn't use like put a series of toothpicks down or like chez lipsticks. But when the kids come in intoxicated. There's no Roman. And no toothpicks. But Christian O'Connell show podcast.

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