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John Rothstein Back here in Our New York studios, there's a final in Baltimore Ravens beat the Giants 27 13 Ravens, Now 10 and five on the season, the Giants fall of five and sins get you up to date right now. On everything that's happening in the National Football League. They're salting this one away across the river. From where I sit Right now, The Jets are about to pick up their second win of the season to move to two and 13. That's obviously will affect gangrene and its draft position. But the Jets looking to surge late this year in 2020, as the Browns are going to drop this game, the Jets are gonna get their second win of the season. Much to the dismay of their fan base. Other games just underway in the National Football League, the Chargers with a three nothing lead right now over the Broncos early on finals from earlier today in the NFL was Pittsburgh over Indianapolis by a score of 28 2 24. Kansas City came back to beat Atlanta by a score of 17 to 14, the chief's trailed throughout in this game. But rally the late to come back and win the football game. A sloppy win but a win nonetheless. Now the Bears beat the Jacksonville Jaguars today by score 41 17. This is big for a lot of reasons. Remember, Chicago controls its own destiny in the NFC Bears at two games left. They obviously got the first one off the board this afternoon Cincinnati over Houston by scored 37 31. Earlier final from this week in the NFL, New Orleans beat Minnesota by score of 52 to 33. So a lot of things happening right now is we get you set? The playoff picture starting up after next week. Today's cover to the NFL's been sponsored by Geico and my NFL dot com The final score the Ravens 27 the Giants 13. We'd like to thank the crew for today. The producers Cameron Gray, the engineers Pat, Honey, and the spotter is.

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