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There's great pride in the steam out of think about it was franchises miraculously job because the area so hockey conscious and you're just like what they're doing you love the crowd. You'll love the passion here. You just hope that your team can play better right now. We all know that at the other end if Lopez Bledsoe get going there too for twelve Milwaukee's. Gonna be a handful inbound blood so has its abroad. Good. Now, Lopez up high tend to shoot gets it back to Middleton against green drives them inside the Arcus step back. 20-footer author Emery body by letter. Excellent defense down defense. Tonight is really tough in one on one block down five. Here's coli against brogden lost. Got it back blocked by Lopez polite. Saves it on the sideline assault. Quick swing to Siaka tend to shoot in the lane body shot. No tips, high in the has it, here's John is at the half court line all the way into the lane bureau stepping and laying it through traffic now they're gonna call Paul because he's inside. Of the defense circle. He definitely takes the charges doubt about it. But now it's questionable whether he was in or out of the circle call. They delay of game against Milwaukee. Warning now daily green will inbound from the baseline fifty nine fifty two. On the honest, make with seven thirty nine left in the third is wipe up some personnel live in an awful lot of very questionable calls here, but replay on television at backed up the referees on every single voice by Kellyanne David Guthrie earth. Laura's are officiating crew for game number six fifty nine fifty two bucks seven and a half to go in the third is on the dry bounces a corner, a wide open three Siachen phone came up woefully short, just tick, the rim Bledsoe's got the rebound. He's a hot and cold three point shooter one. He's having a great night he'll make them Janas has saw him this time he steps back. Shoots. The three misses it long rebound oversee outcome. Right to Colli Leonard. 705 left in the third Leonard goes to the left hand back to the right in the land against brogden sends it out to green in the corner. Gosol body by Middleton, one legged floater, no Lopez the rebound Gusau wanted the foul. He wanted the foul, but he left the seat on how to make best six fifty left in the third with Lopez ball fake and drive into traffic fouled shot. No good Lopez. Trying to fight for two fenders. One of them was Danny green who picks up his second. Now, the sole is arguing the poll, we say that, okay? They did a good job rotating and take away but there's definitely body contact on the shot. And you won't says is playing a little bit like he didn't gain one where, hey I'll, I'll ball fake, and I'm gonna put it on the floor and make something happen. Four team foul Huby against Toronto. There's still six forty seven to go in the third, right? The walkies got three team fouls brook Lopez at the line will shoe to first one is good for Lopez. He's only. One of six from the field but he's made all five of his free throws. He's got seven point you know during the series in eighty two percent Faust shooter and throughout his career, he solid Danny green out the struggling Danny green and the white hot. Fred van bleep back on the floor for the wraps it while you're getting nothing out of grin identing getting some defense. But the fact that he's oh for all this mystery Babylon offensive rebound by Bledsoe. Huby hob dot dot e one came right across right in front of dissolve new possession. Shot clock down to six long lob Lopez at swatted away by Lowry across the line with three point six seconds to shoot from a walkie because it is size of the guys is so difficult to make twenty eight to thirty foot pass into the paint on people are there. Towards the trigger man front court, right. Baseline incident to Bilton law. Got back one second fading three. Wow. All right. At the end of the shot clock he barely kept possession. Chris Middleton on huge green. Now. That's his third three of the game that gives them eleven. We already know coming in here ever. Twenty so Milwaukee goes up eleven sixty three fifty two six fifteen ago, another offensive rebounded store from long letter drives Dixie Aachen from the right wing out to alive pill suit. The three off the rim twice. No good Lopez the rebound outlet to Bledsoe across the time line on the far right side. Milwaukee needing the win eleven point lead Bledsoe. Fading ten is good. Eric bledsoe. Putting Milwaukee up thirteen out of NATO run that this is where you got you got to stop this. Good. Very good timeout, mainly because you're coming at urine, you're struggling to get a high percentage shot. And at the other end these guys are just were a working you right now in this three minute period of time little step away.

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