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Had like about I think we had about three hundred cows and so the Had a couple of quarter horses and he bought some mayors and my father loved. Animals just loved animals and so Somebody told him that you know they were bred. Maybe if you breed them to raise and so he decided to breed and he sent one to this trainer in texas. That was the first. Trainer's name was baffert's ballot. He would put that in front of all the names. that's what he did so And i was. I was young. I was like ten live near its own. I didn't at the time. And so and then all of a sudden he had another one to another trainer and he was just breaking them and they weren't really doing much and then the second one was horse called bound teller and he wasn't a little raise their it's annoying arizona is about. It's about forty five minutes from no gallus and we run there in. May the first saturday in may we run sitting there zoning that at belvoir just outside you know windy place. But that's really cut my teeth and racing with annoy arizona and to me. The first saturday may was annoyed. That nicotine. i wasn't taking kentucky derby. It's running quarter horses and so we really read the horse that they didn't really do much. And by the time. I was like twelve thirteen. I started really getting involved with it and going to the races. I used to go to relate to it which was to. This is an hour away. And i just and we really didn't breed good horses. He'd bred wine and finally decided to up it up and he started You better horses In known you call route constraining. That was a a nice horse who is by a horse collar rook and get their bread and That's when thoroughbreds were starting to. They were started. The quarter horse thoroughbred horses and at that time so The but you know he he really couldn't afford to or really top sire you know and so And that's basically how. I got gone by the time i was fourteen. I was at the age where i was. I was riding a lot. You know come come home from school. And i'd ride baffler taylor with my x ray source and I would ride him around and then. Finally that decided. Why should i say in these. Pay somebody to train my horses. Where maybe we can do it ourselves. And i was at that age where i could he so we went out bought all this racing equipment and and we went to. We drove sunland park and el paso. And that's where the tax shop was. We would load up the station wagon. Stay a couple of days watch races online and see all these big quarterhorse named. I'll never forget that and we drive back to know gallison and We use I learn how to ride in the exercise saddle and then once i got going on that Then i then. I thought i wanted to be jockey that was my next So i just started writing little match raises. In in the gal of the border there they. We had little bad traces the weekend. They're just friendly match races and they had a little game in the strip and it was like guys got together and and you know and so it was friendly match racing. Pick up a map. Maybe and you know winner as they get like hundred dollars you know. This is huge for me and So that's basically how i got going and just you know until you know we got older and then i turned seventeen. Sixteen i i wanted to be a jockey so i tried that for a little bit and i was just too big and i wanted like twenty four races. I had fun doing. But i was. I was too big. And i really wasn't top. Quarterhorse jockey type you know material and i understood my limitations. Yeah i know you went on to legalize tracks and that's where you moved over to kind of thoroughbreds to some degree. You got your first victory at seventeen. Where was that race in. What was the horse i was. I'll never forget that i was at it was at the flagstaff arizona and we we were. We were actually prescott arizona. In the summer we used to go to prescott prescott was like going to saratoga with everybody from the phoenix arizona. Jato the heat you go to prescott. It's up to the mountains and it's like the pine trees and just a really need environment. It was all about horse racing. Everybody was abstaining on the weekend and go to the races this matter of fact the first rodeo ever was it's in july fourth of Impressive vans frontier days. The first official royal wasn't prescott arizona and they have this with ski row. It's a big party with just a big party thing all these bars right in a row and and it was really fun going there and so that's why i went up there. My father had a couple of horses. And i was trying to be a jockey and I met this really nice Older gentleman and we were just talking and i get. I befriended him so during the fourth of july. We have to run it. Flagstaff because rodeo would come into town take over the track and so we ran a black after two weekends. And i was up to right. I was trying to get my license. I had to write horses to before. I could get my license and i was on my second horse and i rode my second race and all of a sudden there was a horse and the guy comes in and tells me hey This guy wants you to ride his horse. In the in the different i forget what race it was like. No and he's one of the favorites. I really i go. Is that why you don't want me to start now. So i go really so i walk out. Yeah he's not there and they just brought the horse in the paddock. because his his jockey didn't show up for some reason. I don't know so i go out there and it says oh man that this older guy that i just really nice person and he wanted me right. I said yeah all right the horse. And when i went in there one of these older veteran jockey that within their me hey kid he said take off that horse. Let me ryan. I'll give you twenty dollars. And i n goes no definitely twenty dollars. I just yeah. I'm gonna ride the horse you know. And so i went out there and The horse's name was sizzling snark. And i get. I get on a horse when i get on them. You know when a jockey when you come out of the gate you you hold on the the main when you come out of sorts so you don't you know break on his mouth with the reins you know. So but sizzling snark even have a main stay shaved it off so all the way it again. I'm thinking how am i to come out of the gate. There's nothing to hold onto it. And i just worried about that the whole time. I finally getting a gate. And he had like about three little strands of hair. I said i'll just hold on this so and my other two horses are bedridden before a terrible. They were just way way back. You know just no no chance at all. And i was just you know trying to figure it out and So i'll never forget. I break out of the game. He breaks just like a shot. Just comes out of the game and i go but but thirty forty yards and a and then i looked around and i see that i'm in frat like wow i never. I've never felt this here regular race and i'm and i'm right along and all of a sudden they see this one horse. I'm i'm like number six seven. Whatever and i see the one horse. And he's drifting out real bad he's coming at me. We're only going like three hundred fifty yards just straightaway. And so he's coming at me. So then i get my whip batting. I started like the flag us. Just keep.

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