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God kind of fumble. The only thing within the normal flow of the game that I can even think of that could lead to one would be one of those things I was talking about before like with to flush out of the pocket now he's running around. He's not really sure what to do. But he's not gonna throw it out of bounds. And and you just sort of flings one and a guy like Trayvon Molin steps in front of it. But I don't like the odds of that. And especially if the odds that you cited at him. I I really liked that one. I know we're on a little bit long here. But there's one more prop. I wanna talk about with you. And I saw this one over a bed online. I think it's really fascinating points scored in Clemson versus Alabama is minus one twenty five against points scored in Super Bowl fifty three plus one oh five on the take back, obviously the total here for this game. Or you know in the fifty seven and a half range. Now is it's come down with the bears and the ravens being knocked out of the NFL playoffs that prep at all of a sudden gets really really interesting. Yeah. Yeah. It it. It really does. And especially like with you know in this game. Like when the Bama Clemson game. When I when I first started looking at it. I really liked the over, you know, just just thinking about it because both these defenses. They're you know, they're weak spots are in their secondary's their strengths on the defensive line. So I figured you know, it's gotta gotta be a pass heavy script on both sides. And I figured bam was gonna come out of graduate. They did. Well, now has got a little bit more. He's points, whatever. And then the total like, you know, suspiciously drops like right at the start of the week. You know, I I don't know if it sound like three points. I I think it was around sixty one before. And now it's fallen, and it it it keeps sort of falling a little bit and my Spidey senses. Just wind up with you know, where where if you've done this long enough, you see something like that. And you're like, okay. I I know what kind of money comes in early on the week on an under on a public game. Like this like, I do not want to be going up against those guys. So, you know, with regards to a thing like that I would have loved and maybe even still like it. As far as the payment Clemson want because circa think like, you know, I I think you made the point in the column of like, you know, if if the Rams in meet up. Okay. Well, now now, we have a total that will challenge it. But outside of that. I mean, Adam how many other matchups where if these teams made the Super Bowl, and you had previously the Alabama Clemson side of that prop. How many other matchups can you think of where you would be terrified that you had the Alabama Clemson over ticket in that problem? I mean, I guess I the chiefs have to make it out of the AFC. I mean, that's pretty much it for me. I I don't even think Indianapolis as good as India's offense is. It's just not as explosive from a big play standpoint with two weeks to prep. I would have to get out of the AFC, and I would have to get either the Rams or baby the eagles, you know, potentially. I don't even think the saints give up you know, a ton of points in that game. So that's it's hard. It's hard to see a path where the NFL game goes higher. Then again, five of the last six Super Bowls over fifty points. Three the last six Super Bowls over sixty points. So it's a scary prospect to make but I think it leads to a lot of interesting discussion at the very least. Yeah, it it. You know, it it really does. And just like thinking about it here. You know? I'm just sort of like running the math in my head. I, you know, I was thinking, well, maybe I'll just lay off to total. You know, I did have a lean, but then this stuff happened. And so maybe I don't have a leaning more whatever. That that one might be sort of interesting hedge for people out there were like me who did lean over..

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