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Silent but not for long he'll soon be playing a leading role in president trump Senate trial another member of trump's legal team is Jay Sekulow he says the Bologna is more than ready for the spotlight it's got exceptionally good legal skills and legal judgment but he also understands the political side of this especially an impeachment proceeding and it's not every lawyer that gets both and Pat clearly does so Bologna's conservative roots run deep the son of Italian immigrants who grew up in the Bronx he went to high school in Kentucky and worked part time at McDonald's he was valedictorian of his college class at Fordham University and then he went to law school at the university of Chicago on a full scholarship it is that conservative place that's Melanie Sloan a law school classmate she still friends with the baloney even though she now fights the White House for public records with the liberal watchdog organization American oversight she says it was at the university of Chicago we're simple Loni was immersed in conservative legal fought my friends tended to be in the progress of law students association and were on the liberal side of the spectrum and hat in the crowd he hung out with were on the more conservative side of the spectrum including the people who are often now shortlisted for the Supreme Court in the trump administration so Bologna was managing editor for the law review he worked closely with Eugene Scalia the son of conservative icon justice Antonin Scalia Republican senator Mike Lee whose brother was also on the law review says he admires to Bologna's caution he is quick to Frank and slow to speak about an issue until a fully comprehensive and he knows how to assess it simple Loni clerk for a federal judge Danny box known for stumping new hires with his famously difficult trivia tests for simple Loni was sixty four questions including how many chromosome pairs are there any human genome and name a Beethoven symphony that is in and of itself a badge of distinction among lawyers senator Lees said knowing a lot about a lot of things has helps a Polonia as White House counsel H. come in very handy form to have access to such a broad and deep knowledge base so baloney is fifty three and has ten children faith is another big influence in his life and career he is among a group of the lead conservative Catholics who service close confidants to the president they include Attorney General William Barr and Leonard Leo the federalist society who help trump pick judges including for the Supreme Court one of the many things I like about Pat is yes okay faces a big deal with this that's bill nettles he's a former US attorney for South Carolina in the Obama administration who has worked with Cephalonia our world where people routinely wear on their sleeve and Pat is not like that well face is very significant Pat's life you don't use it as a vehicle to judge other people the White House declined to makes it baloney available for an interview before joining the administration so Bologna was a partner at two firms with a wide range of clients he was involved in one very high profile case representing the woman known only as Jackie was featured in a two thousand fourteen article in Rolling Stone magazine the article about a gang rape at the university of Virginia was later retracted and the subject of lawsuits but even then sit baloney work behind the scenes helping supervise the lawyers at his firm leading Jackie's defense early in his career he did a stint in the public sector working for Attorney General William Barr in the George H. W. bush administration like bar so Bologna is written that the president wheeled abroad executive powers she serving the president at the expense of the constitution at the expense of a true point in making people that's Kimberly Whaley she worked with former special prosecutor Ken Starr who investigated the Clintons she and other critics say sit Bologna's twisting the law for the president's benefit he's operating to create a mega presidency that has more power than the other two branches and that's very dangerous Newt Gingrich the former house speaker and an informal adviser to trump disputes that he's worked with SO baloney before and as a fan of his discipline style in the trump White House years but a very stabilizing factor I've been to the if you look at the letters he's written and the things he's done as a more logic and on a very disciplined approach an approach that will be tested a simple Loni takes a central role in the made for television Senate impeachment trial Franco or down yes NPR news Washington Saudi Arabia has sentenced five people to death for the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi show Jeez death last year inside a Saudi consulate in Istanbul caused international outcry Saudi officials have consistently claimed his death was a mistake carried out by rogue agents but other investigations including one by the CI a and another one by the U. N. found evidence that the killing was the carefully premeditated execution the Saudi court whose proceedings were mostly conducted in secret also sent in several other men to prison but exonerated two senior aides to Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin someone we're joined now by Ben Hubbard of The New York Times welcome thank you do we have reasons to doubt the integrity of this particular verdict what's your sense well it's a lot of people think outside of Saudi reboot deathly are raising a lot of questions there just the fact that it was held in secret they were you know they did let some local media in but no international media of certain you know that's just not a lot going on here in terms of international standards that would make people feel very confident that was a legitimate process truly trying to ascertain who was responsible for this killing and how they should be punished if that's the case what purpose do you think this verdict service for the Saudi kingdom well if you know the sun is very interested in putting this behind them I think that they realize how how much of a black mark this was you know the verdict as it came out today very much lined up with the Saudi narrative which says that this was a very exceptional active reserve not trip planned this was a decision that was made sort of in the heat of the moment by the Saudi agents were on the ground and who had not been dispatched to kill and and have not been authorized to kill right and how does that narrative differ with the narratives emerging out of these other investigations investigations by the CI a bye bye Turkey by the U. N. we do not quite a lot about what happened and we know that there were fifteen agents from Saudi Arabia who fluent in the hours before Mr Shoji showed up to receive his paperwork they spent time in the consulate preparing they had entire conversations before he arrived about his body about the size of his body whether or not pieces of it would fit in suitcases one of the agents referred to him as a sacrificial animal when they arrived at the consulate then there's sort of all the efforts that the Saudis put in afterwards to try to cover up the crime they brought in forensic and chemical experts to more or less forensically cleanse the crime scene on a huge huge amounts of effort to keep the the Turks from sort of figuring out exactly what happened and who did what and you reminding us that at least a team of fifteen Saudi agents are flown in a is stumbled who were involved in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi what do we know about whether all of those people have been held to account we know that five people have been sentenced to death we don't know their identities we know that more men have been sentenced to prison but we don't know if the fifteen Saudi agents are these people who now face penalties no well I mean we we have good reason to believe that the there were eleven who were on trial we have good reason to believe that these eleven were among the fifteen who were in this terrible I don't think we know exactly which eleven they they were right and you know we don't know which people did what I mean the date that the Saudis did say that the five who were given sentences today were the ones who were actually involved in the killing where as the three who were going to prison were involved in covering up the crime and violating other laws but other than that we have no detail exactly who these people are what exact role they played in this killing I want to read you something the U. N. investigator on yes Telemark wrote today she wrote bottom line the hit men are guilty sentenced to death the master minds not only walk free they have barely been touched by the investigation and the trial that is the antithesis of justice it is a mockery do you think that fairly sums up the vast majority of international reaction to this verdict today well I think it's something a lot of the settlement in the past and you can write it states we've seen a lot of anger from various parts of the U. S. come ferment of with the exception of the White House elsewhere in the world I think there are plenty of other countries that do business with Saudi Arabia they're less concerned about you know pushing it on human rights you know the the the Russians don't probably care so much of the Chinese and plenty of other people so is this where the inquiry ends inside the Saudi justice system I mean is this the final word from the kingdom well I don't think it's the end of the Saudi judicial process this sentence it was referred to as a preliminary rulings and so these can be appealed and then they can later go to the High Court before they're any executions they actually have to be approved by the king and so you know just the Saudi legal process could go on for quite a long time okay for these particular individuals facing punishment now but with respect to additional individuals who have yet to be held to account could there be further repercussions it doesn't appear that there's any further investigation going on Saudi Arabia I mean I would be very surprised if the king that came out and said we have new information against new people and at this point I don't think there's a lot to expect from other other external process easy either I mean the the UN rapper to recorded earlier yeah she had called for an international investigation plenty of other people have there's just no I haven't really seen indicate any indication of these kinds of calls giving any momentum okay then Hubbard.

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