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The sneaking an and on talking about going all the way into two thousand over where Manila the beat goes on the beat. Goes on my show. Who's consider making the donington adriaan dot com slash and off then along with them. John june Tiffany cinnamon prevent album. The color of silence i got i got that from her down on my no pod like five or six years ago now at least i was at That place with the golden arches. That i'm loving and that i've said gonna ring. Rust are two songs. Are this one. I heard christening are really liked. Those two songs. I probably have a closer listen to her newer stuff and stuff from her other albums that courses top forty and maybe that a play as well and before that daft punk and randy savage. Wb hall of famer with service contact for this week. Much effect your listening to Rustling would fan boy. Mercury rony during arrest on paramedic and via various streaming podcast and download things. Did i breathe jerk death. I probably did. Wb hall of famer. Amy alita dumas's is featured into new horror film. It wants blood. The film is currently available on video for nineteen ninety nine for rent or forty ninety five to own the film. Also stars eric. Roberts steve rails back up to say you pronounce it my rosbach. I dunno bill victor. Aruban also hope you pesci. Tim set and ola ray. It is directed by james. Both civil two giant monsters are forced to battle head to screaming head onto political circuit as they run against each other for a seat as a senator but the unsuspecting public doesn't realize there are actually creatures that each running mate owns feasting on helpless big breasted quivering lipped women and charity thieving priests the payroll of politics never involved two enormous behemoths fighting to the death. Until now you'll be on edges receipt watching fangs feasting on heaps of flesh as beautiful babes are fed to the beasts in. It wants blood. Why i believe all vote for a third party. Go ahead throw your vote away. You must vote for one of us. Was one of the name coto said the other named chang after that kind of bloodthirsty monsters. So which part is leader playing charity thieving priests or all right. Sorry either way. That sounds.

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