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Tonight. There is one game in progress. The Giants leading the Texas Rangers, 2 to 1 bottom of six. The Cubs are in Cleveland tonight to take on the Indians and Shane Bieber. This is his eight start. Shane Bieber's eight start tonight. He has 77 strikeouts. He has at least nine in each start he has made This season three Yankees of note tonight or in Tampa Bay to take on the Rays. Yankees coach Phil Nevin has tested positive. There was early concern about the status of the game tonight. Initial reports were it was never in four other coaches. It is believed Nevin is the only one that has tested positive. The others they're going through contact tracing. At this moment ST Louis National League Central Division matchup in Milwaukee to take on the Brewers. Speaking of covert the Padres, announcing tonight that Fernando to teach Junior has tested positive for covert 19. There are two other teammates in contact, tracing at the moment to taste Junior has been placed on the injured list as a result. National League Central standings to begin the night. Cardinals once 12 and 12 and won five in a row. There now, 17 and 12. They're two games up on the Brewers in the National League Central. The Reds are 3.5 back. The Cubs are 3.5 back. The pirates are 6.5 back. The pirates have been outscored by 43 runs. This season of note around the national like the Mets have won five in a row. They lead the National League East. The Royals have lost eight in a row over in the American Lake and of note in the standings today. There are only two teams in Major league baseball winning at least 60% of their games. I bring that up only because there were five Ah, year ago. There is a thought that the great teams aren't all that great this year, and it's bunched everybody towards the middle. The Red Sox are playing 6 11 baseball, the curdles 600 baseball, the only two winning at least 60% of their games after five Ah, year ago. In fact, they're speaking of teams bunched up. There's about I think I counted 10 of them this morning, right around the 4 85 to 5 15 winning percentage Merc jumped and jumbled into a into a group right now and of no tonight. Major league Baseball has handed down the edict. There will be no more fun tonight There will be no anthem standoff. Last night, Alex Blandino against Ossa vato, the Pirates pitcher during the anthem. They remain standing after it was done in a stare down hand over their heart. Neither one willing to blink or move. Finally, the empire started walking towards each you got you got to do this, and the Reds won the standoff. Alex Blandino, saying they've won everyone this year. Major league baseball say that will not happen anymore. No more anthem, standoffs and stare downs. I shouldn't say a standoff, a stare down. It was a stare down. Neither one blinking. No longer The major league baseball way. Although I did ask not not to, like, be the party pooper at any of this. I did ask you. Nobody wants to tell me if you want these to continue under what Pratt parameters would they continue? Way are they allowed to do the stare down into the start of the game? All right, do they have in your world what They have to end the standoff at the first pitch one way, and if it has to end by the first pitch, then it doesn't seem nearly as fun. So nobody's willing to tell me how it would work if you wanted it to be allowed by Major League Baseball. Either way, Major League Baseball said. You will not do that anymore. What if have your biases were to jump the railing and do a standoff? How many games with a red be suspended? It is 5 49 the Yarnell carriers inside bitch on 700 wlw finding great candidates to hire Converium like well, trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sure you can post your job to some.

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