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Flourishes and dr would you call added nope harmony like a moment or ride bryant something like that so he he i think it you know if i did it would be more along those lines may be more even uh you know with little little morrogh jazz definite and i think it would work um the iowa the gig netted him maybe like a him says he's got his voice back sounds like to me a little bit i'm hearing that tell us is made are not at happen was that he's got a voice back if some yeah he's at one of his forces back you're always you always seem dubious by your own singing is that every ever grown to a level of comfort with with your voice uh yeah sure i mean our young it's it's uh you know i've had some uh coaching along the way monta it's much easier to seeing now than when i didn't know how to senior all is there a voice you wish you had whoah rachel who navy or you know i i i've just consumers of a great sooner for sure and i am but i i do the best i can i think the thing that gets me beds is for the constant we ran have the right attitude attitude yeah and that's a you know just as important i think in uh rhythm and blues rock music i've somehow found a thing aware at where a go to youtube in at what people attempt to cover steely dan songs yes usually a pretty sad experience a lot of people attempt josie which which is and try i call it the bill murray affect ohio suryono's when he on snl one usda lounge versions of star wars since it's what it sounds heightened swimming.

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