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We're gonna pass along let the d mistake here and that they're going to try to split the community to get the dream is all these young people who fought so hard for this action uh then to say okay we're going to support the republican party in 2018 i think 2018 we have the opportunity to bring a wall of congressional democrats to stop the policies of trump retargeting dolores huerta ecofin of united farmworkers president of the delors where to foundation and the subject of a new film by benjamin bratt call the laura switches a documentary about her life is an activist and flows were talking about partisan politics is a moment in the film where you say republicans hate latinos uh this is when there was consideration in arizona about ethnic studies and a lot of hot water for that and there was a lot of nato that was directed against who not only by republicans but you know being too partisan and the like well i mean we can see that it it in and continues to play itself out any guess would that would sessions and trump doing today are they continued getting to have that playbook against the latinos and mexicans in particular but they need the mexican and latinos so don't they in terms of votes so they've been trying to get him an event of corral them for years now well i think they have a very short range fan of mentality and strategy because ultimately in and they should look at what happ i'm here in california with of this when eighty seven in a which really motivated latinos to become citizens into yesterday vote until boat and so we have a beautiful blue state in california and a lot of that is due to our latinos at our voting and as the film points i you had a lot to do with getting people out there are getting the vote letting people registering i mean you became hey if you 25 you were involved in writing legislation you're young woman in the young mother and i mean your whole story is really very captivating but of course one of the major facets who comes ruinous film is a caesar overshadowed everything i mean it was kind of a much eastman this.

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