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The cold but often very real voter who could move to either side could vote for the Democrat or Republican as those orders have shrunk elections become bout based mobilization and so what you want to do is make sure that you weren't very good standing with your site into the set of issues that are being discussed are issues that activate your side and the press the other side to the swing state Republicans what you're seeing there is twenty years ago they'd be very worried about of voter who might defect from them to the Democrats but now they're much more worried about having the election take place on ground that is gonna be depressing to Republican turnout which impeachment is and one of the things I've been hearing from political reporters covering Iowa ahead of Monday's caucuses is that impeachment isn't landing one way or another on Joe Biden it isn't helping him because trump's false accusations are making him more of a hero or eliminating them from him because they think even of trucks a fascist biking shouldn't of got himself into the conflict of interest with his son neither is happening because the voters at events on even thinking about the issue the reporters in the field are telling me and my listeners on the show so is that your sense and if so does it tell us anything about Washington being polarized differently from the rest of the country yes there's no doubt that Washington and political it's in general are much more ports but not just more polarized they're more attentive to whatever the new cycle issue is of the moment whereas when you if this is an old thing goes back to Jim fallows why Americans hate the media but when you listen to the questions reporters will ask candidates it'll be whatever happened in the news that day what's going on in the polls did see the scandal so and so said this what do you think of that and then you go to a town hall and the person says my health care is too expensive how you help me and so the concerns Americans have for the candidates are always different than the contents political Portis push them towards but I don't I I do think it is interesting that impeachment is not helping or hurting Joe Biden one way or the other and I don't know that we really know how it would play out for him I mean I think something is interesting here about witnesses is it something that is kept the witness conversation a little bit stymied is Republicans about this counter argument well okay what if we did it but we did a witness trade now not all of them have said they would have braces but Lisa floated it and one reason Democrats have been a little reticent on that is that the witness trade their public would want is for hunter Joe Biden I think of Joe Biden we're in a stronger position as a candidate in your more confident into some performance it is always be very good thing for him to be able to come into the Senate and show that if this is truly ridiculous than show it's ridiculous I think it speaks not to strength but to his weakness of there's a lot of fear about that happening I will continue in a minute with as a client and we'll turn the page from impeachment two other things related to his book why were polarized including why Barack Obama tried but failed to unpolarized the country and why everything's Democrats don't have the luxury that president trump has in those swing state Republicans we were just talking about of just playing to their base stay with us starting.

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