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You know a culture in baseball riding in in the way it's covered. Where there's this new wave of statistical Information and ways of looking at the game and what players did you know with war munch angles and all those things until I've seen. Lists. On the Internet that you can find stories that say that are about you know who who are the players who might not belong in the hall of fame you're on the bubble or the least impressive. Things and usually bronx on that list and. It's amazing to me because you know I sorta judge you can. You can sort of judge players and whether they belong in the hall of fame to a certain extent on how they impacted the game. I'll give you an example, use a different sport. There's always an argument I mean, who's the greatest hockey player in the history of the game? And often. Wayne Gretzky is is talked about I mean he's the great one. He was greatest player ever. I've always felt Bob your the greatest player ever saw because he changed the way the game was great. That's what brock did. And he got to the cardinals and took off and remember the other thing interesting about Lou Brock was he only played one season of class a ball before he was called to the big leagues. So that had a lot to do with him struggling those first couple preseason. and then finally finding himself in a different situation here in Saint. Louis. But he the way the game was played in the National League. You know when he stole I'll give you another example when who stole and nineteen seventy four. when he stole hundred eighteen basis that was more basis than seventeen of the twenty, four Major League teams through. So you know when I think about Lou. Brock, I mean besides the fact that he had three thousand hits. The fact that he still nine hundred, thirty, eight basis and still holds the national record with a one hundred eighteen steals in one season. He was a unique player that changed the way. The game was played in the National League for the next you know ten fifteen years and I and I. Love, that the end is what he did in the World Series 'cause those teams didn't know how to deal with Lou, brock coming and nights and sixty four the New York Yankees never seen anything like. Our wrap it up with this in Danneal is my guest what what is your lasting impression if you had to Kinda seminar what what in somebody asks you by Lou Brock Wha what's going to and it could be off the field on the field all of it what do you think about when you think of Lou? Brock. Well usually think. Bronco. Broiler And he probably would too. Because you'd want to sell you. That's Okay I always wanted to see him take the field with. No just sort of a personal you know I I have a lot of I have several encounters blue and like I said, they're all good. But one I remember was late in my career at the post dispatch I was working on a story. I went over to the Ballpark village during one of the hall of fame ceremonies. There's an opportunity to catch some of those hall of famers and talk to them. And And they have as you know, you're part of it. They have a little private party beforehand upstairs the restaurant. And I went up and I tried to talk to a couple of them and and they were like, I'm not doing that. Not Right now. but I went went up and I caught Lou before he walked into this private party he said sure come on in. So he takes me inside and we sit down and this is a party with his peers guys. He hasn't seen in years maybe. You know fun time and it's a private time. It's not supposed to be a press conference or anything. But he brought me in sat me down on sat there at the table spend twenty, twenty, five minutes with me until I was done and and and then said, okay, you know thank you very much I mean that's the kind of person he was and there weren't a lot of people that I dealt with and my years of sports writing. that were anything like Brooke US Amazing Hey Dan, thanks so much for your time and your recollections of. The Great Lou Brock in always appreciate your work and your books and all your years at the post-dispatch. Thanks so much. Thank Stan always great to be with you buddy. That Stan. O'Neal.

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