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Have to figure out whether a whole bunch of money to him. I don't think what I was going to necessarily make waves. I appreciate the triangle with Atlético and Barcelona. But he went to have a contract in hand. So the only way they let him go, I think would be if they found a replacement in midseason. They've been linked with general casca from swallow, obviously very young player, but a genuine center forward. I think this is very, very difficult to pull off as jemma said. You still have the issue of Alvaro morata's wages. You're adding something like another 5 to 6 million gross sorry 5 to 6 million net, which is what like 10 million gross onto your wage bill at a time when you already need to reduce it if you're going to pursue this idea of having Ferran Torres available to you in January. That's a lot of genius. You've got to sell there. Yeah, well, obviously, let's talk a little about genio deaths because his future is uncertain right now. We will get to that book just because we were talking about fat and Torres and register in there. And jemmy, you touched on it. It's still not registered at Barcelona. What's the latest situation with Ferran Torres is signing? Well, it's not registered because it's not possible yet. Barcelona, they like drama. And they like to start the house from the roof down. So beginning at the end, the transfer market winter transfer market, it's still not over. And it opens the generally the third. So that would be the first day also he's injured. So he's not able to play. So they have a little bit more days to resistor and to make him available to play. But the situation is the same as before. He they have the spending limit. They need to get rid of players. It's not enough with the mirror. And look the young that's funny for chubby. He's the only forward available for the next game in Majorca. The only one this player that is not counting on him. So of course they are trying to sell MTT and continue in the deal with usman the letter to try to have his renewal. It's really an electrical moment. So maybe they don't have to pay his way just, but it's not a desirable situation either for Barcelona because they wanted to try to make some at least to keep the player or try to make some business and it's really looking quite that right now. Well, gab did mention sergino dest who doesn't seem to be in the plans of shabby. So his futures uncertain there with Barcelona, but if his agent is to believe, he is actually wanted by buying now we know how the two compare particularly this season Barcelona not at bayan's level. So gab is Chevy missing something here or.

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