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We've talked about it before calling the police on someone at this point this threat i firmly believe that if you call an actually at work we had this unconscious bias class and they gave us these pictures of people in one of them was an older white one and they said you need to you have to give them a number rating from one to five based on your level of warmth towards them and their competence what you think their competence level you don't know anything about them just based on how they look but there one competencies now me i'm pretty much the same when everybody so for the most part i gave everybody at three and i think everybody in until you have to be otherwise i kind of keep everybody in a certain level of competence that way i'm never disappointed i'm always over joy when you become more competent to be more competent than i think you are that's literally how i see people and so but with this woman i rated her lower my warmth level people will like won't watch her lower i said this woman looks like the same woman that called the police oh me when i was underground that worked at eighty looks just like that woman that worked there and i was like i don't feel warm torture that's the reality of now what i won't say is that i feel warm i feel i don't feel warm towards all waffle house works however what i will say is that i am uncomfortable going in for house when they have proven time and again that they don't want black people in their establishments i mean the one is down the street here i haven't been in quite some time i've really wanted to go and get.

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