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Has anyone ever shown you a peek of your car spinning because wasn't captured by tv. There are no known photographs of this and he said nour's didn't happen so of course he was jerking at that point. Some magin craig if lounge actually hit the wall earlier in the day when he spun it's woman park not too many people got away with that one now that he's one hundred percent correct and and by contrast a man who would end up being his teammate. For many years and become the seven-time champion a supercars. Hey did have those will publicize moments in his early years of his supercar career wing the guard the seven time supercars champion sect after his first year in the category with gary rogge's motorsport so that was two thousand three so magin. Tom hanks his character in What was the name of the film. I saw The one where he was marooned on the island off to the plane crash Before i brought up so castaway. So imagine you a castaway on an island at the end of two thousand three after you've witnessed of very poor season from debutante jamie wing cup right and then you came back fifteen. Aiding is lighter and you were rescued and your motoracing fan. The first question you ask a few day marin that visit oil and all the east go. He's saying winning all the championships in the supercars. And someone said on jamie wind cup. You wouldn't believe them because at the end of two thousand and three looked like he's career was done he did get another opportunity with tasman motorsport Ending and was able to do enough to get a fulltime sate and do enough to be picked up by rolling dying from trip alight enrolling was only looking for a car driver really and a steady hand and just to give support to craig lands but of course wing cup was the star. He blew off cry glance and established himself as cristobal. Tom i think that's a great story. And i love the contrast as you've suggested between the overnight sensation loans and the god actually statistically as achieve more but had a disastrous start to his career and was lucky to get another opportunity because a lot of rookies off the one year that they had a bit of seasons. Jamie wing cup did his rookie season and then get another opportunity. Jamie did and to his credit. He crossed it and He was often running a boy's been fascinated about the story and jamie's talented on this show. He actually didn't have money for return fe when he went up to queensland role and that he was that Financially in motoracing is it has been an amazing time. We we've talked about rock we've talked about. We've talked about loans and also about jamie wing cup but there's another name in there. That certainly has been an amazing icon of motorsport and will not be getting a christmas card from this year. Luke because saying mark scaife is the equivalent of eddie mcguire and eddie everywhere show mark would like it. He's paycheck. But i don't know if he really would be embracing that sort of comparison a coal from sky guys for later this year when we can go back to rice tracks is gonna give me detroit moc moc scaife death stay 'cause in the boucaud do describe him as in those terms as the everywhere the strain motorsport. He's been involved in drawing. He's been involved in tame ironist ship. He's been involved in circuit construction and design. He's been involved in setting the rules foot soup. Because and the car the future so the current rules And now lo and behold at the point where majority aren't as of the supercross championship capital. I looking to sell this share. Who's de as the spearhead the frontman of one of the bids. It's mock scaife. He also on led to believe wants don. The red rooster chicken soup. That's how not was out there at oregon Amaral paul winnow in the The oh man. That's got the hammer and the shield. If you with these it off that'd be mock skyping to now i do. I like mike fun of mock scaife but he's contribution is enormous and he's on. I think we've had a draw who is driven as scaife in the championship or sport. Generally so while i kissed i hugely admire what is achieved in motor sport over the years and what he will continue to achieve and of course. We didn't even talk. That role is as a commentator. He is the everywhere though reasoning. And we've got through seven of the teen. Who have we missing. Larry perkins wanna talk about larry perkins. He was and i want to talk about The ba'athist win in the nineteen ninety s in the castro that nobody talks about what the one where he has the left one and when soap remember he he won in ninety three and that's fun lee remembered because that was the last victory for halden. Engined caa all the other major holding teams went to new chev- engine and he said no and a stick with the and to true holden engine and That was a winning move across the engineering. Move there everyone remembers the loss to i in naughty. Naughty fought but no one remembers that anything too much about nineteen ninety seven when he won With russell ingle then he's lost baptist victory. And i think that says a lot that victory atlanta took because of the book that he was always the guy that was happy to be toiling away out of the spotlight while the short parties were punching around. Let me tell you. The show ponies were up punching around battiston. the lane. Up to the non in ninety-seven rice In the sense that there was a lot of attention on the brooks case combination to go show parties but they did get a lot of attention particularly when scaife put five on pole position in ninety seven for the rice on the saturday and the sunday. Pipe is a while this is. This is Broke his loss. Ba'athist looks like he's gonna wind tomorrow.

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