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At this facility they are deeply concerning and demand a thorough investigation sources tell ABC news that at the urging of his defense attorneys have seen was taken off suicide watch two weeks ago and while they were cameras on the cell block where he was held they did not focus on individual units so it's unlikely there surveillance video of the moment of his death this as little Saint James Jeffrey up seems private oasis in the Caribbean is now the subject of a raid by both the FBI and and why P. D. A. B. C. news was there as the agency search for new evidence against the decease financier and potential co conspirators we're also learning more about long time abstain associate Gielen Maxwell who's been accused of recruiting underage girls like Virginia fray to act as sex slaves for him and other men the training started immediately Jeffrey what he wants a lot of this training came from the land herself in deposition testimony from recently unsealed documents fray says she was directed to have sex with several powerful men like former New Mexico governor bill Richardson former Maine senator George Mitchell and prince Andrew all of the men have denied those allegations Richardson and Mitchell deny having ever met her on Sunday as smiling prince Andrew was spotted accompanying his mother the queen to church Conchita Sarnoff an advocate for victims of sex trafficking wrote a book about abstain and says she knew Maxwell socially according to Virginia's filings she would teach the underage girls how to behave how to act how to dress how to eat properly I think those girls were so fearful of Dylan Hey because she was much older than they were and she of course lived with abstain and she had a relationship with that sting whatever that relationship was it's clearly was a close relationship Maxwell has consistently denied all allegations and has not been charged with any.

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