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Song for the kids right now. All right. This is this is not this is not the song I wanted to do. We got to make sure you who can pull this Some months are crappy. Indeed. They only have 30 days for you and me That includes April. I don't even know that June that, uh, but some member some months are great. Like Erin's birthday. It's December and August for Chuck. Uh, July, I think has 31 2. All right. There you go. There's you carry a tune. Really? Well, yeah, obviously, I'm listen. I didn't have it that that wasn't the tune I don't want to say to that was I was gonna do like a nursery rhyme kind of thing. And then he gives me the freaking gong show. I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a generic nursery, right? Music. Come on something I've got to add to this page 100 because I now have free time. I am now going to compose a a song for kids that teaches them the months I'm putting that in my there is one. I'm sure there is there already. Well, I'm going to my mind will be better because mine will be, you know? Makes fun of some months. Yeah. So I'll do that. Speaking of my new schedule, I'm drinking more coffee. Now. What? Then? I did Yes. And I board him. No, because back when I worked a split shift, I I was on a wretched, regimented caffeine schedule because he had sleep cause I had to sleep twice a day. So I have two cups in the morning No more. And then one cop during this show and no more otherwise I couldn't sleep. I've had, like, seven cups of coffee rd today. I'm like that, and I don't In honor of your birthday, all right back to what we're talking about. First name fame. Loti. Chuck has nicknamed Fame. I've given him that I'll take credit for that. Bill Crane knows the song of the months. Bill Crane. Welcome the show. How are you, sir? Good morning. Can I get a drum back meters 30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except January. See, that's not that's not. That's not going to sell any singles bill. I mean, it's not a song. It's an It's an old thing, but it has all the fun. Well, maybe you jazz it up with backbeat and get some him. Let me hold on, Bill. Let me hear it again. Let me hear it again. Go ahead. 30 days hath September, April, June and November. All the rest have January. All the rest have 31. Except for January, it's Shakespeare. Yeah, I thought January does have January Has 31 February Doesn't even Bill doesn't even know and builds. It builds alerting all flustered. Bill's Got a small place. Yeah. Bill's got a building named after him and everything. How are you doing, Bill? By the way, everything good. I'm doing well, The building is going to come down, but I'm doing well. Bill has been texting me on the Piccadilly text line. You want me to tell the first name fames That you texted me. What? Go ahead. All right, so bills and I don't know about these bills. You're you're a little older than the demo here, Andy. I am Andy, Max and Cassim. We mentioned Qassim read. Yeah. I mean, when you say Andy I think have to populate you're talking about Andrew Young. I think half the population who knows him is Andrew, as opposed to Andy. You know what I'm saying He still refers to himself as a nose in Golden, Andy and Max Max Cleveland. Of course, I don't know if there's another famous Max in in North Georgia right now. But Yeah, three good political first name. Fame's there, Bill. Always a pleasure, buddy. Gaer. I'll try to sing better next time. There you go. Traffic.

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