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Am eastern on espn coach. You come into this weekend and everyone has earned a ticket into this tournament but you just got through beating national seeds in you know you know that and your staff knows that. But how do you. How do you drill that into your players. mind Even though we we may have already played teams that are ranked very high knows that We just have to keep doing it. I know it's similar to what i i asked you a minute ago. But just but it does seem like a conundrum. does it. not you know what what i've done. Try to answer s. I can is his continue to tell the team. Well we see what we see is that we don't have to give them motivational speech to play hard. Every two three weeks just seems like this which has a little bit of an attitude and when they step on the field they won't win and maybe people out there. Say that what you're supposed to do yet is but we played fifty six games or more It's different based posed different than a lot of the sport has number of gangs and not gonna win all your in baseball. Even though you may have more telling your better in the game can be not fair sometime. You know ball drops in you. Hit the ball hard right up people just crazy game when you have. Somebody has a really really good pitcher. They stand the game. They find a way to beaches. So we've just told them that it's all about us how we play what we're trying to do. And and every team that's our regional. They're here for a reason. Because they want a new jersey's coming in here and they they've won eight zero and eighteen into last twenty two so probably come in here thinking we have nothing to lose. I win. We're going to print so we have to play well. We can't look past anybody. I try to tell me another day that we know about it as you know. There's no name across the jersey. It doesn't matter he just go play hard and what we've been doing. We'll be in good shape but You know sometimes you can talk. They don't hear you. But i don't feel like i have to say a whole lot is talking to coach van horn coach. I know it's certainly advantageous to play at home in You punch that ticket. You knew that was going to happen anyway. But as you look at the bracket do you feel good. I mean you're the number one jeet. I don't know how you couldn't feel good but but still it's a it's a. It's a long grind from this week to next week to omaha and you just have to try to you know what every coach tells every team take it one game at a time obviously but now for for us to where we wanna be. We know that we have to survive the sweet. And now you know so far we've managed to show up every weekend and play really good base off the most art and i don't see it changing. I think that you know it changes from week to week. Who's going to be the guy that's really going to have a good weekend offense player. We're gonna have a guy out of the pen that's going to get it done or started. We have some guys really step up in office tournament in kinda give us more confidence to them in the game. You know we had our number one rbi. Now i guess leader on our team you know. He thought he broke his neck. Twisted really bad. It's the rbi's rakish slight authors page and clean up all year. We didn't have him ninety percent of the tournament. We probably won't happen this weekend So we had to have some other guys step up. They did you know so. That's a good feeling. You have maybe a little more than we thought and finally the freshest of the team you know hoover's grueling. You're now into the most pressurize time when there is no tomorrow. Of course that's a cliche but it's also accurate Do you feel a that mentally. That's a big word these days Everyone's okay i do you know. We just talked about as a staff after practice. We the way we work out. Our pitchers no in digital players. We usually start out. Separate and pitchers are in their air facility and they're doing work on the hitters or stretching and early hidden and all kinds of things from work and then we'll meet up in some team stuff. Her charles might pitching coach. And i were just talking and he was. He said concerned about today. You know i really workout. Since as a team you know what the guys how they were going to be. They were spirited. I seemed into. It wasn't only So that was a good sign. You never know if that's gonna translate into the on the weekend. But i do not feel like you're tired mentally. I think that We're finally at how do you. How do you deal with yourself and your staff. Because that's critical you have to put on the right front and it is tiring and that's what you do and you know there's still a long hill to climb How how do you and your staff deal with the fatigue of of a weekend in hoover and then flip it around and here you are again and i think that you know it a long time. I coaches. they've been doing. And while i feel like we pace ourselves. Pretty good and You know. I'm not one of those guys that says you got to be at the office seven and you're leaving at seven and mean i'm i'm very guys. Get their work in and like the teams paired. I'm good with that. And i think they really appreciate that. I think I think the staff is really excited. We were anxious to get this thing going. You know when you plan. Well you just want to play You know i guess. Two o'clock on friday central time here grass abet.

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