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During a Barat a, barricade situation in which a man took dozens of hostages at a trader gills in Silverlake suspect had shot his grandmother seven times and also his girlfriend. Before leading police on a car chase from south Los Angeles to the silver lake area after crashing the, car the twenty eight year old ran into a trader Joe's on Hyperion avenue where he holed up for more than two hours l. a. mayor Eric Garcetti we believe there is about forty to fifty. People that were left there initially and. There was a slow but steady stream of. Them either those who had hid inside the trader Joe's and were helped out by PD or whether it was the suspect. Himself releasing some of the individuals that were in there the hostages, included shoppers children and employees the suspects at the end ask for handcuffs he handcuffed himself and then released himself into the custody, of LAPD four adults walked, out of the market with this, aspect it's not yet clear whether the, woman killed Inside the trader Joe's was hit during an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police or if. She was shot by this aspect. John Stevens KNX ten seventy NewsRadio police in, Anaheim get into a shootout with a man who was possibly hallucinating following a. Car chase he, was frowns dead at the, hospital NHS relatives called police saying he was apparently on drugs and was sitting inside the truck with a gun and a. Knife Anaheim police sergeant, Shane Karen says officers were really worried about the call anytime we we receive a call of anyone armed with a gun in that information is coupled. With somebody who could be under the influence of drugs or acting erratically or hallucinating there's a larger danger, to the public in general he says when officers approached the trout demand drove off one witness says both sides began shooting at each other during the chase she says it lasted for just a few. Moments just kinda quiet here off sirens. Coming ambulance coming the firetruck cutting the man. Was pulled out of the truck but first responders could not revive in the OC district attorney's office is now looking into. The shooting Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy news Radio boy appears to escape serious injury after he fell about..

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