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Of heavy. Rain over central eastern parts of Suffolk County right. Now also running pretty. Hard could chunk a southern Connecticut but the rain around the city has really diminished even. Across Nassau County most of northeastern New Jersey as well. There's. One lone downpours west Staten Island ralway slowly moving to the north we'll consider to see some rounds of showers and thunderstorms through the rest of the afternoon summer is we'll see a quite a bit more rain others we'll see very little of it any downpours at. Our around could lead to some flooding high of seventy eight muggy. Tonight with a shower thunderstorm around especially early alot Seventy-three tomorrow clouds and subur- son will be humid along with a shower or, thunderstorm in some spots still could. See some heavy, downpours that'd be more isolated than today high of eighty three hundred, Joubert, Wednesday, and Thursday with, mixed the. Senate clouds high near ninety in seventy two right now midtown we're, going up. To seventy eight I'm AccuWeather meteorologist Brian Thompson on. New York's weather station Wins news time one fifty three folks on a Eurowings flight from Germany to Scotland. Last week had a, VIP along for the ride, to NAMI was his name and he got a row of seats all. To himself that's because he's a nineteen. Month old koala who is, on his way with. A keeper to his. New home in the Edinburgh zoo to be part of a conservation breeding program there apparently he got a whole road to himself because who are. Known. To be high strung and they wanted him to be chill actually there was a swap because another young male koala named Tori is trading places next week he'll be flown to a zoo in Germany Virgin Atlantic found Richard Branson joined the British Airways in criticizing long wait times at passport control at Heathrow virgin has released seven the. Border force he did target for processing passengers from outside the European economic area on just one day July brunson's Atlantic says passengers, offer straighted as weights of more. Than two us are becoming the norm the border force Target is, the, process, ninety five percents of passengers within forty, five minutes the office says delays were caused by a. Computer failure and the arrival of a large number of vulnerable adults and children he wants the government to allow visitors from lowest countries. Such as the US and Canada to use the same electronic border gates that e you passengers use a fall quicker process correspondent Charles de LA desma two months after the death of. Chef Anthony bourdain his Columbus circle apartment is now available to rent TMZ reports the two bedroom two bathroom apartment at the Time. Warner, center is listed in fourteen thousand two hundred dollars the home as views of. The Hudson, river and as you might imagine the kitchen, is filled with top of the line appliances the sixty one year. Old bourdain died by suicide in June while filming on location, in France seventy. Two degrees and lightly raining the humidity ninety seven percent the winds are northeast at three. Gusting eighteen miles an, hour seventy two going up to seventy eight in midtown wins news time one. Five let's say.

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