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With you though. You're you're always tired. I'm quite suggestive. -able you're also suggested but i'm also we would walk the halls so you get a hall pass. Go to the bathroom in high school. Okay in all. The classrooms had windows on the doors. And you would stand out in the hallway so that the students could see but this teacher couldn't and then if they looked over at you you do like a big exaggerated yawn the teacher if the teacher no the students and then see and then see if any of the students with john. This is the kind of fun we had in highschool. Don't don't assume. I didn't have a blast in high school because i fuck it did. What were you the rincon rangers. Yeah yeah we were. The rangers the comes time each day. When the daunting -ness of getting the kids in bed dawned on me. And i'm like all i wanna do is eat food and sit in a chair and i just had a big ways that how is that time of day eleven am. Sometimes i'm just so sleepy. You with your fucking yawns. Because i can't stop. Get it together. Rosen having trouble. i'm having trouble fine. i'm not tired. Listen daniel and i after this. We're gonna record a patriot episodes. So if this is your cup of tea and i don't know why it would be but if this is your cup of tea no i'm just kidding this is this is a solid get the patriots a little bit different laughing. I just like to watch you spin spin around. Have i found my back to where i was originally my still spending patriot. Dot com slash. Thousand rosen of fun stuff. Bonus episodes weekly bonus episodes zoom parties behind the scenes behind the seems behind the scenes content. And that this is selling podcast. Right there is an alison rosen. That hosts a podcast called within an inch of your life and it is about sewing sure. It's great maybe it's me. Maybe i know it's not because you can't sell channing. Not you could do a lot of the damn you do not blame me you are indulging your yawns. You're making this happen.

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