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Evelyn i want to start with you first of all i am i'm so sorry for your loss and i can't believe this happened in texas can you can you tell me did they ever confirm any diagnosis they were treating him with for terminal cancer did they do any tests and ever confirmed cancer well they came into my room and they never sent a cancer doctor chris until about i think it was about two weeks before he passed away and because i kept they kept telling me when i would not allow them and takes us right to live stop them from giving him those two deadly sean i would not allow them to do that and so they said then they started with chris eat up with cancer chris has pancreatic cancer and i said no he doesn't and they they kept telling this every day all day long and i said okay then then a cancer doctor syn chris a cancer doctor i never saw a cancer doctor and so two weeks before he passed on say finally sent that cancer doctor and she walked into this room she stood over is bad and she never acknowledged may cause i was sitting i stayed there twenty four hours a day at least six days a week and only one home one day a week and she didn't even knowledge me she stood over his bed and she i walk i finally walked up to her at the the head of christie's bed and i it can help you because i.

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