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Westwood one long resigns and scot graeme getting ready for weak number ten are sunday night game well when the schedulemakers put this together this no doubt looked like he could be a marquee match up eight may not be quite as marquee anymore during the patriots taken on the broncos in denver down twoway wayland off their by weeks after their second half of the season at six into and by a larger looking pretty good in terms of health and where they are right now the denver broncos they got beat up by the eagles in philadelphia last week to the tune of fifty wanted to 2003 at vaunted defense was not able to slow down the eagles at all in this game they still have struggles at quarterback and their three and five permanent and they're still going to struggle a quarterback looks like brock osweiler will start this game as well and who knows how long hill last but at the end of the day you know it's tom brady gone on the road in denver it's never easy they're he'll be the first to tell you that at this defense is still formidable and when you're playing in that building on a sunday night you're to get obviously the best effort from the denver broncos for me it's about brock osweiler does this kid come out and play and beat the new england patriots without turning the ball over and kenny convert third downs in the first downs it's going to be a tall order going toe to toe with tom brady at this time around simply because there's all lack of confidence and a severe lack of confidence for the denver broncos on offense pittsburgh steelers you've weathered every storm it's come their way this year of course they brought a lot of those storms on themselves but they're six into now as they head into indianapolis to take on a colts team that got a win on the road last week but things are obviously difficult to come by 4 indianapolis they can with a record of three and six you know if there were ever a time for a team to get away from each other.

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