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You couldn't even like the hills didn't even matter you were just going super fast. It was fun. That's why God would you say Boogie? Boarding and extreme sport of boogie boarding. Let's still Lisa all water. Think bodyboarding even more extreme than lay on this board and just let the wave take us in just let the water actually grew the waves fall on top of you and then you go in slightly a lot of jet skiing my day. That's kind of extreme sports shoe and Jordan driving Jordan's a maniac crazy have a fun. I have a funny Jet Experienced to when we were in high school. My my one of my other friends have a jet Ski. It was a three seater and there were three of us sitting on it and this was back when we were like we would go to the lake by ourselves and there was this wake board but with a ton of guys on it and we were like. Oh we're going to show them so we go drive over there and we're like doing the little whippy thing and whatever and we flipped the three seater right in front of his boat and it was flipped upside down and we couldn't get it flipped back over so the three of us are trying to like stand on one side and flip it over. It was awful. We were so embarrassed you showed them. Oh Yeah we really did good thing. You're whipping you know. Then ask you make like a spray in a circle. Fun Watch me. Splash guys on the boat. Yeah you like that water and we're going to try to get it in your vote won't eighty are mean. No we just can't think of anything else. We usually just make fun of each other and now we get someone else to make fun of. So yeah I'm the butt of all the jokes now. I'm the butt of all jokes tax of the body parts all right. I think that's all we got for sports. Jog Another episode real fun. Thanks for being on the show heather. You're welcome thanks for having me no problem. Are you so mad about that? I'm not it's not episode thirty four or you've been in the other room for thirty three of them. I will make sure to check us out on social media at Spivey special got our best Disneyland ride votes going on right now so it makes you check out our stories and get those votes in. We're going to tomorrow Monday. We're going to have our final four. And then I think Tuesday will throw the championship up of what the best ride at Disneyland. Dues spoiler alert is not. It's a small world no first round knockout or the TIKI room was not part of the options. Because not a right but I love the TIKI room to Ticket Room and thanks to our sponsors a safetouch safer touch make sure to check them out at safetouch dot. Us makes you get one of those pretty cool. Got One on my keys right now and also fruit of the bean fruit of the bean. I love coffee and I love for the bean coffee. It's amazing great merch. Great website going to get my death before DECAF shared this week. I think they're still knitting it. That's the issue. You're going to be doing it while. I think that's GonNa get anything else tag your trolling your fat later..

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