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I have had one of these um and it was lovely and at king was one of those big icg slick search all yeah those always been really happy yeah at that then again as we found out as we find out every time we gonna shoot together i very easily entertained yes oath as our work there's bob dole's bulls and the people working are like oh hey weren't there's the we're through the esta yes it's it's a positive yes i think so at any rate the gin and tonic um act which i very much enjoy even just the regular way nam of course has long been a go to in britain where you could even bite and premixed kansas which i find slightly horrifying to be super honest yeah i saw one of those and i thought it was like it kind of looks similar to a fresca it's anyone's familiar with that so uh i went the kind of examining more closely oh this is a jet islamic okay of winston churchill once said that quote the gin and tonic has saved more englishman's lives and minds than all the doctors in the empire who uh and the new york times called 2013 the year of the gin and tonic but the gin and tonic has not always been this trendy summer drink ja uh more on that in a moment but i want gin and tonic any lauren i'll tell you it is a high ball cocktail which is basically just at alcoholbased spirit mixed with a larger percentage of a mixer and alcohol vase in this case is your guest jin jan and what could receive surveyed it's tonic of the order of operations here typically is the gin and tonic lime juice if he wanted that's optional and ice i've seen it done other ways but votes mostly what i came across as researching this idea and then a lime wager twist to garnish rights.

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