Chappaquiddick Island, Dominic Arena, President Trump discussed on Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure


It was a tragic day in history back in nineteen sixty nine 48 years ago senator edward kennedy drawer his car off a bridge on at chappaquiddick island massachusetts a young woman passenger in the car mary jo kopechne he was killed the next day edgar town massachusetts police chief dominic arena described what he believe happened when kennedy reached the bridge our the guy by the way bridge overturned now kennedy left the scene and didn't call authorities until after quebec needs body was discovered the following day he later made this statement morning i entered a plea of guilty to the god of leaving of an act and kennedy was cents to two months in jail it was suspended many say he never became president or got the nomination of the democrat party because of what happened on this date in nineteen 69 is for thirteen on wtmj a pilot shortage what's up with that we'll discuss in twenty minutes at four thirty four and there's something really cool that hasn't happened in one hundred years that will happen next month jane matenaer eric planes in seven minutes greg mets exports in one there's nothing better than an early tea time seriously the way i sleep in my energy is off it's really hard to concentrate on thing about taking a afternoon gulf oh was there to turned out i had low testosterone known as low t how'd you find that i went to new mill medical they did a couple of tests it didn't cost much and they came back with a completely custom wreck c'mon dacian to solve the homeowners i had that all men have it's just a fact of life as we get older seriously you male medical yet new mill medical in tulsa don't mean to pry but what are they all fix a whole bunch of stuff i'm that tired all the time i concentrate way better and finally dropping some weight i feel it i'm getting stronger so muscle is starting to come back basically i feel about fifteen years younger in just a couple of his it's all and my wife isn't complaining about the positive effects either seriously they fix more than.

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