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Oh, that's cool. Yeah! Yeah, and it's been listening to Randy Crou- and John Hammond album that was produced by Tom Waits. About ten twenty years ago on, we'll tell us. What, what's the name of the record again? Sweet memories okay. Where did you record this? This is recorded in Indiana. My friend has a studio up there. Larry Math is. Also an English teacher like myself and has a studio in his house, electric land and in the. Of the Clark's. Electric Larry Land. It's Larry's. Who all played on this record was unusual cast of characters. No, this was all me all the songwriting all the instruments, so it's very different. Project Dow very cool Do you think? Did you feel you had a week? Position in the instrumentation was drum tracking more difficult than playing keys or anything like that well, it was different because all of my my other four records have a keyboard on them. This record doesn't have a keyboard. My last record recorded in California was done mostly live as I think a blues record should be. This one was layered with different guitar tracks, and I took a completely different approach because I was the only. Person An instrument. Layered, guitar tracks very cool all right well. Let's listen to a cut from the album. What's the first one we're going to hear This one is called How long do you know about the being empowered making changes and having a voice? How long for the album? Sweet Memories? Here's Jimmy Adler DV. Raise! Radio. Way. A. Salmi. DV E. Sports. Gambling is a baseball is back in. Microsoft is here with sports on the DVD morning show? Sports is brought to you by sportclips. Anybody else that Yankees. Dodgers Parlay last night one for one. Phrase Rolling down a track Nice Nice baseball. Started last night and the buck goes. Crank it up tonight in Saint Louis. Opening Night Joe Musk Grove on a mild and the first game is a manager for the bucks new skipper Derek Shelton. We've heard a lot about Shelton today. How engaging he is is humor his positively, but one thing we have talked about is his incredibly maniacal attention to detail that goes guys to the extent. He's going to be manager too big leagues for the first time tonight. He has already practiced the pre-game speech to the team. They did address rehearsal dry run. Derek Shelton speaking to a team for the first time as a major league manager, and as we sometimes do here on the morning show. We've uncovered that audio for you. I'm not much forgiving. Inspirational address. Every newspaper in the country. That's picked us to finish last. The local press seems to think we'd save everyone a lot of time and trouble if we just went out shot so. I'm wasting sports writers time so I'd like to hang around and see if we can give them all nice big. Burger.

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