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Past several years he has been battling with depression and substance abuse so that might have some explanation of why or what may have caused this person to snap man masscres mass facing murder charges and attempted murder on shower kilian offsetting an officer which yeah that's that's cents less well very own adults alert that means people are forgetting math people forgotten wewe've with cincinnati we forgot about what it does that's this is a reminder but it's coming back is our back big iumpact mix with opiates which is both impossible tree but james who had you were to say something oh yeah i was gonna say vive the other officer who was injured who is still recovering but it again is expected to survive he is being credit poor or for his bravery because he too he was also shot in the head in the case however however he immediately began trying to provide and render eight it to his partner emerge even though he himself was shot and so this guy he's still recovering yang's a lot of support behind them but it goes to show the bravery and the courage that a lot of these guys have who put on the batch is there any uh website or if people are to donate or so there you know it'd be part of it any whereas in someplace that can go yeah the pomona police department that they are actually um collecting money so the best way to uh to donate if to contact at them directly and they'll be able to uh uh patch people through two of the uh organizations that are collecting that money for not only four that officer who is recovering but also for the family members of the fallen officer because you know even though the funeral expenses will be paid for by the county um they will need that support because as you can imagine a a lot of people take time off after losing a loved one or a family member and that support is really going to help them down the road well in one of the primer providers to uh breadwinners gone so my gosh all right james thank you so much you appreciate that that's a very said sorry what do it what against the website i just call pulling a police departments so they'll be able to patch anybody out.

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