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This emotionally might be the closest. I've been to anyone about that. It's been fourteen days. I'm lonely my best friend I know we were. I mean we should also like anyone who gets mad at us for podcasting. We should publish our text messages we really win scheduling this. Because I was. We were both like if you're not comfortable. It's totally fine. If you're not comfortable with so he but also I haven't been anywhere except the grocery store and fourteen days okay. I've been in total isolation for thirteen days. Okay so and all right and I know some do you know anyone who's no okay and I've just been indoors but if I have lysol and if you think that it's okay then I think it's okay. I mean we were care getting kind of competitive. I was like isolated ten days. You're like eleven twelve now. I've seen one person you barely saw someone like. We're trying so hard but it's interesting because I feel like B. I watched you. I've been watching your social. I'm I'm watching everyone social. I'm what you're doing. I'm doing the math adding up everything you're doing. I'm looking in the background or your videos and your hikes and you're photos. I'm hearing people off. Camera People Are Liars. Some people think some people are having their things. Sudden are cooking liquid. You get that so keeney. Oh Yeah No. You've got groceries but you told me you haven't left your house in ten days. What are all these fresh squash. Oh Yeah No. You can't live garden no I really have. I'm going full full sherlock on people's photos on their captions with the Fridge. Let me see your fridge. Yeah that couldn't have stayed good. Nope for eleven day way. Avocado had that for eight days. Still Bright Green. I don't think so and at this point it's like you couldn't have even gotten that delivered like getting groceries delivered at this point over. Gilead at this point. Yeah no it's like we have to go to the grocery store if we need more food now and you got to hope that everyone else's being equally careful. It's actually funny because I we usually start this. Podcast asking the person if we're friends or not. We are now took a pandemic. Yeah I I would never say yes. We're friends because that would make sound psychotic really watch eason's middle school like we're great friends but now that the world is on fire. I'm like yeah no. We're pretty close. There is something funny about us because we we were like ships in the night We see each other. I do appreciate the fact that we've sort of like circled each other We sort of like just mutual respectful. Kay how're you? There's been no. Do you need to be best for like I feel like you're like me and that you go to compensate you get in and you get out? Yes and you are someone I reference when people like you gotTa hang out more like you really you too standoffish. And it's always. It's always male comedians. Do say that to another guy. No no no you really have to hang out and I always go on. Maybe I should and then I go Whitney never fug in hung out when he's doing great and so I just I told myself that for years and I've I stand by it. I do not think you need to hang out so people probably have a bitch so I don't know that they do. Do you think people think you're a bit I it's interesting. I think I remember one time. Sarah Tiana Really Funny. Comedian is on spades. Show now one time she. She had her puppy. She wrote her puppy maverick. Low boxer puppy to the comedy store. This is like I don't know five years ago comedy for like maybe like ten years and I see the puppy. Nobody can hold your puppy and she looked at me like her face was Ashen and I was like what's going on. She's like oh. I didn't realize that you were such a nice person and you know it took the dog to sort of get me to sort of socialize. And she's like I just had no idea you were this nice and I was. I was just. You're such a bitch and I was like no. I'm scared yeah. I'm standing in the hallway. Scared I don't want to talk to a male comedian because I'm worried they're gonNA think flirting with them. I don't want to upset anyone. I don't want to cause comedians. Also as soon as you start talking turns into a roast. My feelings are going to get hurt if I talked to somebody over like I'm just trying to get in here at work on my jokes and get out you're gonNA make one communist stay with me for years. It's not worth it tonight. Agree with the insult. You're right it's not even going to be fun for you. I'm going to go. I said that to me in the car. We were here E. Yeah Oh no you sound like my mom like all this dark show. It's GONNA come and I. I realized that I think that whether it's me or whether it's being a woman whatever it is. I think a lot of times when you're just silent insecure people project onto you when they think of themselves so you become sort of this like refractory of like what they think about themselves and a lot of people think. You're a bitch a lot of people conflate silence with superiority a feeling of security yes I think that's true and I I will say I think for you. It's probably intensified by the fact that you are very hot with very sharp cheekbones. Like I'm not whatever but like I have a soft round face so people give me the benefit of the Dow take good person and so like I just. I look like a lot of white people's cousins so she's actually is quiet but she's probably afraid but like even people think I'm standoffish. Sometimes so if I get that. I'm sure you got that like thousand. I'm glad you brought this up because I would like to talk about your face. Somebody please please do. I'm I'm kind of INSERTIVE obsessed with it. I know because you your faces. Unbelievable like you've got a you have a movie star face from the thirty. Oh that's untrue. But I will take it now. Seen a lot of movies from the thirties but I assume this is what they look. Just like you're so symmetrical your eyes or just doll. You look like a doll. Oh thank you all I heard. Was you look better in black and white And lower definition. That's all I heard. On and with scurvy wearing lots. Of course that's on the Bonnet covering most of your well know what's so crazy. I mean like I had. Somebody sent me a message on instagram. That I don't even think I replied to somebody sent me a message saying like I watch your net especially loved it. Also we have similar body types and it just it means so much to me to see that and I was like I was like offended and I couldn't even see what the person looks like by the way like they had a private account and their picture was like very small like have no idea what they look like. I just I hear your body type and I was like you mean like you. Don't see that Mike and it's I don't like it just I. I didn't know how to take it and then I felt bad for not taking it. Well right away and then. I was like I had to really sit with myself for like ten minutes. Go by the problem and my pretty. It's so stupid that well even think about welcome to the feedback. Loop of every compliment is an insult. Somehow yeah always and I remember watching you and just seeing look how gorgeous you are and this is probably not gonna go well but I just in. Your hair is down in your special. You're you have the time and you just look so gorgeous and I was just like. Oh my God this is just i. It took me so long to apologize for being feminine. Oh my gosh thank you see and I like my hair's up in the special but you have some tendrils down and that is only because my face is so round it is if it is all back like it gets turned into Charlie Brown really quickly. I have a big head and I know I have a big head because I've told every guy I've ever dated. I have a big head and every single. One of them have responded. I love your big head. Nobody's ever said it's a big not even is not that big not even. I think it's fine normal. I love your big hat. Something that's GonNa land well because I was going to go but like it matches your body. I don't mean like your body's big. I know it does proportionate is it's all it's mid west good West Midwest it's and I'm from California. Which is I don't know how this happened. But I you know I of cornfed I league as fuck I was so pissed when Ellen special came out and it was called relatable like legit so angry. It's like there's no that was mine. I literally remember the first time I saw your body and time's up on me because I could not sub staring undo like what are you doing squats all day. What are we doing the no I feel like I have to be careful with squats because I will like my my regular Lee. Yeah yeah this is my. This is so weird to be having this conversation with you by the way because for example like talking about being feminine onstage and like it being okay for you to look like a woman I mean. That's like that's because of comics like you like you are. I watched your special going like. Oh so you can be hot and do this. You can like and it's fine and you can be successful and I think you're talking about over correcting in starting out really dirty. I started out super clean interesting and I think that for me I was trying not to say I was trying not to say anything Like in a wind sexual. I mean I got a comment the other day on a tweet. That said like ninety percent female comedies sex and I went off on this dude before. I blocked him because I was just like. Are we still doing this so when I started it was more like people were getting shit on female comedians? We're getting shit on for being too dirty into sexual and if no they're also getting shit on that too but if the if you were really clean you got a lot of praise for that. The first six years that I was doing standup I was clean up until like four years ago and I got so many compliments I still get them from people who are like..

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