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To dave righetti day what a day for you july fourth yeah it was pretty special and it's even more special now over the years because of because everything's so out there now and things are brought back in lot of history involved with the yankees and the red sox things like that i'm very fortunate to be associated with it such a nice day well is it no hitter against the red sox on july fourth with eighty three am i correct you eighty three birthday of george steinbrenner which always is an interesting day crepe place was wild is day wade boxes the last out i mean it was right out of hollywood it turned out to be right as you're involved in it we're in a situation where red sox trying to stay in first place or fight for it and of course it's the last day before the allstar break beat us up pretty good for friday and saturday night games i believe in i was just trying to hold them at bay and give us a chance to win it grew of course to game states calls for so long that my mind was on winning the ball game the whole way and people have asked me of course when you think about the no hitter well you always know it's there but there's one way to think about one way to go for it in the ninth inning i was gonna go for of course i walked the leadoff hitter after about eight pitches jeff newman so i was a little tired i said what the heck did i just do two games more important no matter what so when you get the two hours is when you're supposed to really okay i'm gonna go for i don't care for a walk a guy here or there but fortunately the next couple of guys put the ball right away clinton hoffman and jerry remy so i i hadn't some left in my tank face wayne fortunately he missed that pitch continues the message thank god yeah it's you know there's been a lot of cool stop this come out of it mostly my family's got to watch the kids watch it every year this year they won't but you know it's i'm sure it's played new york of course but there's so many different things that came from that game like you said mr steinbrenner's birthday was the last day the all star break so my mother's burke davis two days later so it was like a present for her being against the red sox makes it special crosses any ex yankee you know so telegrams back in the western unions and a lot of the newspapers from all over the world those are the coolest and when you run into people of course if they were there you know it's nice they share what their kids a lot so not to ramble on but yeah they're just so much come out of it it's really made a really special dave righetti with us july fourth plus your dad was still with us leo righetti a wonderful player great guy and you could share that with him yeah we did you know it was funny back then they didn't have any the big big screen tv's of course so the big giant radars we're just starting but they weren't a lot but there is a gentleman yeah there's a golf course up in san jose gosh name escapes me i'll come back in a second but anyway ray anderson was the owner and ray had a big dish and so my parents always went to my mom's sisters house snap a big celebration every fourth of july so they were up there and i guess by telephone that kept my dad informed of what was going on so ray was able to do that and share with my sure my dad at the time and my parents everybody they're all my family was there they spring valley golf course san jose hills slava's cool to find out about that later on that they were involved in it somehow so what did he say to you i mean he's a ballplayer and you're a ball player and no hitter is a great pitching performance is a little bit of luck involved to say to you believe it or not i mean he graduated me of course i think back then it was yeah you want to talk to your mother that kind of thing before he left he said you did walk more guys sorry i said yeah dad iraq jim rice couple times which is really smart at that point yeah yeah that's honestly that's what he said he's congratulations they were proud of.

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