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On with us yesterday talking draft director of the East West Shrine Bowl. Yep. Director of Player Personnel or whatever the title is. He told us that yesterday. Yeah, he was actually he was in the XFL. I don't know if you remember when he was with Optimum scout. And then when the XFL came into being Hey, might have been President Lee. I forget whatever. He had some big title with the XFL and you know that went under. So now? Yeah. You sweat shrine. So cool. Yeah, we like Eric, that that isn't on demand. Audio. Yeah, If you want to, like, Listen, toe eight million different people Talk about the draft. Check out on demand Audio A W g r 5 50 dot com. I see you've tweeted that Jacob deGrom pitches tonight at 6 40 encouraged people to watch. Yes, because you know what it is. I'm granted. I'm biased, but I'm taking this strictly from the standpoint of watching any player. You know, this would be you telling me if you're Hey, Have you been watching Golden State play basketball. Steph Curry is fantastic. This is that equivalent. I'm telling you to watch someone who was so Incredibly good at what he does, and this is not watching Mike trout and waiting every two or three innings from to come to the plate. This guy is so good right now at what he does, I swear I'm like, okay, Metz. Score really fast. Get the heck back out on the field cause I want to see the Graham again. Watch the ground pitch. He's just Master of his trade right now, he is unbelievable. On. As I said, I treated of course, with this kind of build up, he'll get shelled tonight by the Red Sox. Now he's really It's amazing to watch. Really. I was gonna ask what time should I tune in for the Mets to blow the safe? See 6 40 Game nine. I'm gonna say around 9 15 9 30, Okay, And And Of course, it'll be one Nothing because they don't score for him. They will give the lead to the bullpen and then the book, But I can't even make fun of the bullpen. What's his face has been pitching well, I don't want to say his name. Um, there was one of those you're gonna swear? Um, possibly and I'm not sure of the dump button is working today and I don't want to get find It Looks like it's working. That see, Jeremy doesn't see Jeremy needs. No, no. Jeremy needs a dump button installed at home as a precautionary measure. In case you don't catch me swearing, Brayton. No, watch him. It's it is it's awesome. And I you know, Jeremy, As I said, I'm biased, but You know, you know, I have always talked about the greatest picture that I've ever seen. I mean, you know on a regular basis, was watching Seaver growing up as a met fan watching Seaver, the only other guy for my franchise in 50. Years of watching that comes into this discussion is good. Being able to watch him throw every fifth day. It was electric. It was just, you know, again, as I say, you want to pitcher pitch, you might not be. You know, I don't know. Maybe you're all about home runs and scoring all that when a guy pitches With the location with the precision with the ability 7th and 8th innings, he still hitting 100 on the radar and blowing fastballs by guys. He's got 50 strikeouts this season and three walks. And Izzy Arias 0.31. Phase two in one uh, that's why I said it. It's just a basketball player occupy. Don't care of the sport. Lewis Hamilton driving a race car, tiger and name a sport, I think is a sportsman. We can all appreciate someone who was at such a high level. To watch them do what they do is special. That's where the Graham is in for the third year in a row right now. All right. So that's my little piece on that. So all you gotta do is your tune any watching pitch? And then when the Mets come up, you go watch something else. You wait a few minutes and then you come back. I mean, that's the way you just watch him all night long. Got to mock draft sort of things I want to ask you about one of them was from Chris Simms. You see Chris Simms? Mom? Well, I I only saw I saw what he did it 32 Okay, We're who we picked up. 32. Right. 30 Justin Fields? Yes, Yes. Because people were tweeting it, Alec. If Justin Fields gets to 32, Jeremy's gonna eat a flip flop. You know they were doing that stuff on Twitter. Yes, I actually thought about that. I almost when I saw Christians mock draft that has the bills taking Gregory Russo edge rusher Miami 30. Marcelo is. Jack also picked that for the ESPN mock draft. It's a position the bills could identify. He has had it. Let's talk about him really quickly, and then I want to get to, um The other thing about this. If this happens, I will, you know, shave or something? I don't know. Offer to do something, but you shave anyway. Well, no. Okay, go ahead. You know, I mean, like, I'll shave your head. All shaven and 18 Hundreds President, Handlebar mustache. Kind of very nice. So we're talking like Chester Arthur. Maybe I don't know if you've got to remember if he had a handlebar. Gregory was always a huge 67 £260 defensive end. Who is It's funny the term he's boom or bust right is being used for him. You'll hear that every once in a while. You see, the may be in comparison because he's a one hit wonder being even didn't have this size, That's for sure. And it's athleticism. You know, he's Right, so the deal is, in a nutshell. Incredibly skilled player. But Had one really productive year in Miami two years ago, and I think at the time, Jeremy if he went into the draft, they would have projected him is one of the top picks in the draft. Like really. You know up in the top five. I don't if you would've been like the number one discussion, but people were talking him up as one of the better players. If he entered the draft, he didn't and then what? He opted out, I think last year, but it also has a concussion History from his time at U C L A. And I think that is the big issue that concussions one year body of work. Yeah, hops out last year. Great skill set but dot dot dot Is how much of a risk is involved here, right? So you'll hear that name and Hey, Boomer bossed if you're picking 30th He seemed like a good spot to take Boomer boss right. It's not going to cripple you mean you don't want to miss on a draft pick, but it's not like picking at 30 is going to screw you over is a franchise on a team that has no obvious major holes to fill. Anyway. I think that if you're in a position the bills Aaron booms should be what you're aiming for. You know, we we asked We talked about this with Brandon being about higher ceiling versus higher floor. What do you like there, And I'm sure you know, with each position each player might be different, but he talked about Sometimes you could draft a player, you know? Well, okay. Maybe in a year, he'll be solid versus drafting a player that can show up right away. Maybe Electric, um I mean, I'd be in favor of taking a swing Our conversation the first hour about you know. How are you going to beat the Chiefs? How are you gonna improve this team? It really feels like the only way to improve the team is to get booms. You the middle of the road linebacker. Isn't gonna make this team you gotta pass over Tremaine Edmonds or Matt Milano. I was just checking the snap counts by the way from the NFC championship game. AJ Cline played 11% of the snaps. Based defense is for a lot of teams is nickel now, so I can't. I can't see where they're taking a linebacker that would make the lineup on a regular basis not against teams that are going to pass the ball the way the good teams do. So all right, Remove linebacker cornerback. Okay, I've got a guy that can maybe go in for cornerback number two or slot corner. Defensive end 50% of the snaps. I would like Boom boom bust, and it doesn't work out. All right, You've got the same team you had. How are you going to get better by getting a little bit lucky, I think getting a little bit lucky. Yeah, I'm just I want to make sure I may have confused. I'm not sure I got this right. It may have confused Russo and Phillips. Phillips is the concussion. Phillips is a concussion. Right? So I'm sorry. Let me correct that cause I thought I was looking back at that, and I sound tweeted something about his mock draft, and he's struggling with injury issues with Farley and Russo. Russo was the guy was that you still I had concussions. They told him to retire from football. He stepped back. He went to Miami and Eddie, and they opted out last season. And Phillips is the one with the concussion history maybe three and two. Phillips had to use is the U C L A guy Okay, but I think honestly, I do think they're going to take an edge rusher 30. I do. I think they're going to figure out they're going to want to address.

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