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And Goodman and we've talked the whole night. Good morning. Good woman. So jam making a date with you right now, Raines, You and I are gonna go singing in the rain with our masks on. Of course, of course. But what a fun, wonderful period piece. You know, it takes place in the 19 twenties. Hollywood is going from front. Of movies that don't talk right. Two movies a talk, and it's just a wonderful film on every level. It's very magical and romantic. You've got this great cast right there. You were here in Gene Kelly stem who directed with Stanley Diamond, but you were hearing a Debbie Reynolds and Donald O'Connor. And And you know, I was friends with Donald and I was very lucky to live in a lot about the behind the scenes making of this remarkable movie and Jean Hagen is this woman who can't Pete. You know, I can't stand it and and Debbie relatives. You know, Deb, it's so much fun everything about it. And if you're feeling blue folks, because let's face it. It has been a horrific week. If you're feeling blue, this is a movie for you. I love it. I love it when a song lyric Now let's say, Johnny, let's say is sitting in traffic. You're in l A on the freeway. Ah, you could even be on the Nimitz. You know you could be anywhere but you're sitting in traffic, and you think what would be the very best thing that could happen? Let's imagine. I.

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