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My goodness we got into cry. There's a crazy story at you need to know about. I have to begin with the story. Regardless of where you are you'll be able to commiserate This is the atlanta journal. You should so my wife and daughter. I actually live South of the city. My wife and daughter are in atlanta this entire week the fifteen year old decided she wanted to go to a georgia tech program. This week She for years and years and years. I mean since you like four or five. My kid has wanted to go to scat the savannah college of art design which is a ridiculously expensive private for profit institution. And she's finally decided both given who i am and what i do. Also her core believes that she probably wouldn't fit in there. Though is a brilliant artist Very fashion very into art She just i listen. I i know people brag on their kid but literally i saw something might get did. Thought she must have like stolen someone else's work with soka brilliant. I couldn't believe that she did. My kid did something like that. I just assumed she like us. Bits of clip art like no no tablets just was it was nonetheless. She went to the kennedy space center in l. She like. I got to be a rocket scientist and she's also very good at math. So she's at georgia tech for a for a program. This week and her grandfather is as happy as he could be. Because he's a georgia tech alum and they're staying at a hotel by georgia tech and i had to be very particular about where i put them because there are some places like they. The my wife really wanted to place. That had like a kitchenette. Like one of those residents in sort of places. And i was like i wanna put you in a place like that because you've got a little. You got a little kitchenette and you could do the research. But it's not a safe neighborhood. Your car broken endure. You're going to chat now. My wife always packing heat so she's not that concerned but i am because i'm like husband. Father crime is out of control in the city of atlanta and every where else this is from the atlanta journal constitution atlanta police have investigated sixty four homicide cases in twenty twenty one a fifty eight percent increase over this time last year the surge follows a historically deadly twenty twenty would authorities investigated one hundred fifty seven homicide cases the most in more than two decades mayor key chalance bottoms has referred to the spike in violence as a cova crimewave. But the city's death toll continues to mount is more georgians get vaccinated in life. Richard storable as of june atlanta's murders are up and shootings had increased by forty percent. According to the latest data..

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