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Make that move. But do you have to be able to say. It's about winning this one game. Obviously you're gonna start the next game you're gonna start the next series but we gotta get to the next series before you know what i'm saying like it's a tough call. I get it. It's a tough call at the same time when you make that call campaign has to be ready to answer and say hey you know what i can do this for this one game. You're not asked him to do this. To carry you a series you add them to do it for a game or not even a full forty eight minutes you ask him to do it in this first a six here seven here and things like that so that will get you get him up to the twenty six twenty seven minutes but he has to be able to answer that call and also play within himself. I think he'd been doing a great job of that in that time he does. You know get a little ahead of themselves with trying to make plays and things like that but for the most part i mean campaign to me has been the difference in this series as far as the pace because when the sun's klay with pace is tough for the clippers to get back talk matchup and level you know. And that's and that's that's the main issue right there. You're getting the clippers the opportunity to get back. You're going to switch everything everybody's almost like size and they have like abilities defensively. You allow them to set up an anchor down there. Even though they don't have a shot blocker they're just not allowing you to even get to the rim to where it gets to that point. I think that's the difference campaign. Bring that he has that speed to get by guys and put pressure on that room. Who wins the game tonight sons. Ooh ooh i wanna spot. You are put me on the spot man. I'm happy i gotta get it done and i think the sun's gonna close it out if they don't close it out. It's trouble trouble trouble. Who's your pick in for the finals. What two teams man. John is going out. That's because i thought. I thought it was a really good finals with You know the sun and and milwaukee because the milwaukee think it'd be a great series because there is contracting styles but You know with him going down and the way that atlanta play yesterday. You know without trae young. You don't want think that you could do that all the time. But i think milwaukee still advances. I think they they're battle-tested. They've been here before they. They've been knocking on the door. Plenty of times and they've been getting knocked out by some really spectacular player. So i think that milwaukee's gonna have opportunity to get there and i think the sons are. Close it out tonight all right. That's our man eddie house. We appreciate the knowledge is always brother. No problem and you gotta take care piece. Shop talk is next. Keep it locked couple of fox. Sports radio fox. 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Pursue their dream job visit yellow brick dot co slash street. Wear to learn more about a one hundred percent online certificate program about the street where industry and related careers huger skills with parsons. School of design complex recognized leaders in st where classes a one hundred online and always at your pace be fearless in pursuit of your dreams. Visit yellow bring dot co slash. Treat where to learn more right. Is the couple coming alive. See i'm mellowed out now. This song got me mellow alex. You respect the marvin sapp see. Hey man i just feel like vibe it now just you know anyway. We are the company laugh from the fox. Sports radio studios on eight worship. Wednesday is time for shop. Talk you talk about whoever would have to shop. That's right it is shop. Talk the fox. Sports radio similar. We discuss some that happened. Outside of the world is sports and this week's topic comes to us. Courtesy of hip hop star kodak. Black not black. I remember that okay. Okay i don't know if you guys have been on the graham or twitter a lot today but he has gone viral after he posted a video of himself. What looks like to be throwing hundred grand into the ocean for no apparent reason. Just wanted to say. Look at all this cash. I got i'm gonna feed. The fish is one hundred dollars. Many people could be held with them. Exactly one. So here's the question like he's doing it for the cloud. So here's a question guys for shop talk. What is one thing or purchase or expenditure that you made that may have been for the cloud. We don't know that you instantly came to regret. I'm sure you're going to get this in the morning. Rob parker will start. Rob was making one every month. When i lay those days are over. I made one. But i don't regret it but i did have to think about it. Could i use that sure. Yeah you know what i mean. I didn't regret it. I love what i loved. Your dollar balenciaga's no. It's even bigger than that gift. I'm not gonna say that was a gift from my niece. thank you brandy. I don't think i've even told you guys this. I'm gonna come clean. I bought a new backpack. I'm not gonna say what kind it is or anything was that when i was in la. Now i think i just bought it like the one you had the black. You remember one. Louis vuitton louis retired remember. It didn't have any description on it real. It wasn't my typical brown right. It wasn't like big like everybody uncle. You'd have to look at it closely. But i bought a new backpack. And i'm gonna admit this on the radio. I can't believe i'm doing this. Say well is our achievements. Say this how long ago did you buy a border about three or four months ago. And i really had to think about it because the price of it was five thousand dollars. Oh my gosh. No five thousand dollar backpack of not. I'm not even kid you. You're not even in college or high schools. Carry your ross underwear and socks my guy that will buy your right sheep underwear on the road. He bought a five thousand dollar back. Where are you taking that up telling you. I had taken everywhere so you do use it at least at this morning. Hey what kind is it. I mean you might as well you know what brandon we to get work louise but this is one dollars but this is what i did do and i feel proud of myself. Is that louis bag. Rob g yup. I sold it dammit. Okay and and i had a gucci backpack. Which i used to do when i travel. I sold that as well. Okay so some of the price offset and say you don't need. We back paddles that you know what i'm saying. You know you don't need three back right but but you do need a five thousand dollar backpack. Everybody owns..

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