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Oh, three. Here on Double Duty Opiates Tuesday evening May 4th 2021 after the rain 68 degrees of Reagan National Good evening. I'm Dimitri Sodas. I'm kin Duffy. The top local stories We're following this hour, with the FDA getting close to authorizing the Fizer vaccine for kids as young as 12, Maryland and other states are preparing to ramp up vaccination programs to include adolescence. More from W. T. O. P S Dickie Liana Governor Larry Hogan says 455,000 kids in Maryland would become eligible. Once the FDA okays the vaccine for 12 to 15 year olds. We've got a lot of our 16 17 year olds now done in the high schools, and now the next step is the 12 15 year olds as soon as that thing is approved. We're gonna be wrapping up 85% of Marilyn seniors 65 Plus have been vaccinated 62% of all those over 18 to boost vaccine access and communities. The governor's announced $12 million in spending to expand clinics, including local health departments, nonprofits, faith based organizations and others to increase Marylanders access to vaccines, particularly on O w. T O P news. How is Montgomery County Preparing to vaccinate It's young people? W T. O P is Kate Ryan has that part of the story? Recovery, County health officer Dr Travis Gales said from walk up clinics to vaccinations in schools and during summer school. The county's already trying to set up ways that Children 12 to 15 years old could be vaccinated. As soon as the FDA authorizes use of the Fizer vaccine, and certainly we will be reaching out to you all for ideas and input as we flushed. Some of those Logistical details out more council member Craig Rice voice concern about ease of access for families. These are Children who aren't going to be able to drive anywhere. Some will need all the transportation and so from that perspective, logistics will be a challenge. Kate Brian W..

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