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This Tuesday Jan the Dennis Dan Patrick shown glad to have you on board if you're watching your listening emailing tweeting part of the Chaparro by the way the chat role is submitting their T. shirts suggestions they want to have their own T. shirts and maybe next week we will down and decide which T. shirt we want the debt you know Dennis will decide which T. shirts the chat row will be where sporting eight seven seven three P. show email address D. P. Dan Patrick dot com Twitter handle D. P. show we got a winner on Todd scoreboard the number sixty seven and one Cheryl Mitchell in Jacksonville Florida is the big winner today either one would be cam Newton I think nine years ago today drafted number one overall that's correct sixty seven has to do with your head was taken away taking a rest was this a team that left a city this is an individual I think I got something taken away from them all okay that would be my favorite history teacher from sixth grade born in nineteen sixty yes both Muhammad Ali this might shock and amaze ya but I will retire Joe Frazier nineteen sixty seven Muhammad Ali refused induction into the army stripped of his boxing title it was clue taken away in nineteen sixty seven thank you to god Ali does this day in sports history in the final segment of the show so he has a distinct advantage where he's looking at these numbers yeah yeah yeah now that everybody knows where they can go to see the close maybe that'll help them as we move forward Cheryl win some T. shirts similar deep you show T. shirts it's really about the acknowledgement of winning not what you went on the Dan Patrick show the whole question are we we change it up related up to if I told you a year ago which would it surprise you the most which player not making the hall of fame and you lock fifty four percent than Antonio brown then Camden yeah I would say Andrew luck because it felt like they finally got it right after those first couple years where he didn't have a good line at all you're going to see some names you know some not big names but you're going to see some names that get released from NFL teams I saw where Cameron brate the tight end with the Buccaneers that maybe he would be on the list Marlon Mack the running back with the cold really might be it yes yeah that's awesome I know they drafted a running back yeah they did they drive to good running back Hank hill drive to the government and the Buccaneers added another tight end and rob Gronkowski I wish any other names on that list that could be on that list McClellan well eighty dollars of course Andrew Dalton the list was also potential trade shows I think we would get something for great then it's funny a lot of wide receivers are teams that had wide receivers a draft of my great were junior stepped up to the eagles last year now you might get caught it's a lot of wide receivers entered the league in the draft following the success of the draft the NFL appears to be shifting its focus to the season now a report from the sports business journal detailed some of the contingency plans now here are some of the possibilities this season could be starting in late October that would push the Superbowl back in late February they might eliminate the bye weeks they wouldn't have a Pro Bowl and normally anything the NFL does becomes a big story whether it's somebody being disciplined a rule change something small is what you can wear not wear that seems minor in comparison of how the league is handled this season the NFL's huge economic driver obviously and it it's it has symbolic sick significance when you look at the NFL and as it moves forward it feels like we as a country are moving forward and maybe not in that order but you feel like if the NFL is doing and then it feels like other leagues will follow you know the morale boost you got with the draft they're gonna have the schedule release I think that's next week but even if the NFL's best minds are working night and day to figure this out there's a lot of it that's out of their control the NFL is powerful the most powerful league that we have in sports but that doesn't mean that the NFL can decide how and when we're able to come back and watch football in person where you can have workouts with these players how many players can be in a room how many can be on the football field the NBA's finding this out in real time may first they were gonna open up the facilities they've changed that now to make eight and I wouldn't be surprised if they changed it again you're you're trying you're hoping you're pushing but at some point you just go okay will surrender for this week and then we'll try for next week Jeff Passan via baseball insider for ESPN was on in the first hour he said I'm optimistic we're going to have baseball well I'm optimistic that we'll have baseball as well I don't know if realistically will be able to have baseball and how many games would constitute a season this is what the NBA is going to figure out how many games are gonna constitute the end of the regular season and the postseason how many games for Major League Baseball season they were already talking about one hundred games I think you might get back even sixty games then I think you try to bulk up make the post season interesting there and look they're trying everything they talked about maybe starting the season on at the all star break in Los Angeles that the post season was going to be in Los Angeles no matter who is playing in in the policies they've they're trying a lot of different things and they need to it's just when you put a deadline it feels like it's not a firm deadline it feels like it's in a very flimsy but it does give us hope if that's what you're written young if you're going but I could use some help I need to know when N. B. A.'s think about coming back I need to know when they're coming back not here's a possible date that we're coming back the apple I wonder if like Major League Baseball you would start with the opposite order almost like how far to push back the World Series to bias more regular season can we do a World Series in November fifteenth or is that too dangerous with the weather and then by us the couple more weeks of rip possible regular season revenue we have Scott Boras the agent to the stars saying Hey let's have baseball at the end after Christmas which is crazy we are unless you're saying if the Yankees in the World Series you got to play all your games in Los Angeles eight you know you're gonna have a so called neutral site what is the neutral site is Los Angeles and the Dodgers in there so the Dodgers host all seven World Series games and you know at some point you have to cut your losses and say let's do it and do it with this amount of time these games and these destinations we can hold out hope that we're gonna come back in the Yankees will play at Yankee Stadium in front of no fans because I think that's what's going to happen the NBA's gonna come back and there's not going to be fans there the NHL will come back there will be fans there golf is going to come back there won't be any galleries there tell us we'll come back there won't be any fans in the stands it's just it's not going to happen and it then it's not from me just with mail my educated guess these are doctors who are assessing this and saying even then the Olympics pushed back to July of next year that would be in doubt because you can't get all of those people in one city and they're going to be in all the stadiums and arenas we don't have a vaccine yet and until you have that I don't know how confident comfortable people are going to be going back to games apple the one I'm most curious about is college football because what is a thirty two an NFL teams it's probably a hundred twenty five college football teams around the country we think we focus on Alabama LSU but all states of small colleges division three division two under it three other college football teams and and if college go back to school and have games and try to have no fans and no tail gating that's to be an uphill battle to try to have the games with no fans because the revenue college football is all about fans on premises but I don't think you can have both right that's the point is if you said to me we're gonna have football no fans okay I might not like that because I don't have the environment that we would expect with a college football game but I'm going to get a college football game yeah you're not going to be able to go Hey that's not right or that's not fair you did see it it's not either or this is what it's going to be you're going to have games without fans just going to I think the NFL season gets delayed I think that got a college football gets delayed the NBA if you get back it's going to be compressed postseason and baseball when it comes back are you going to get to less than one hundred games and I think you are how far do you stretch it the Superbowl is going to be played in late February but I think that they were pushing towards that anyway to get it on president's day weekend so it's just it's it's different you know Augusta is not going to have the roar of the crowd at least probably not in November no I don't I don't know I guess now adjusted does things on their own agenda they have their own agenda in the end they know that's they're able to control that product but I think you have robotic cameras at Augusta you're not gonna have galleries there it'll be strange to not here because you'd be amazed that when you when you take out the noise how much that takes away from the game itself we've relied on that so much the ambiance is so important when you're watching a game and when you're watching golf when you hear the roar of the crowd and there is no other place in America in the world when it comes to golf when you hear the roar of the crowd in Augusta because the close proximity of all the holes with those trees and it just keeps everything inside and it feels like somebody can do something on sixteen green and I can be on the fairway at two and I don't feel like.

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