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Backto eight. Eric Jones and Joey Logano. Alex. That's a look at the top 10 with 22. Go next time. Bye. Yeah, And there are 20 while you mentioned that 22 go next time buy we looked down to see Brad cares last come to pit road. Why don't we add Brad Kozlowski? To a report brought to you by O'Reilly Autoparts on when we might expect these teams to come to pit lane Winston Kelly. Well, let's start read his last. His crew completes a four tire. Her is completing a four tire stop, and they can go the rest of the way. Your own lap number 44. You do the math. They can stay out till about Latin number 50 on a typical road course weekend. One of the things that will see it Watkins Planet Sonoma. When that fuel window opens up, you try to be the 1st 1 to come down pit road. So if a caution comes at you, Khun Cycle Iran, but the wild card in this is there is whether in and around the area, But as we say that we're starting to see some movement down here. Not a lot of it, but put on gloves. Oh, not helmets. Always put gloves on, including that of leader Chase Elliott. So the answer is it could be any time now. They could go all the way easily to about Latin number 50 maybe a couple of laps. More than that. No need to push it here Because if you run out of fuel, you are dead in the water so anytime between now and last number 50 look for the leaders to come down Pit road Speed Post talked about the different strategies Joey Logano on the different strategy, and he is going to need to come to pit road. This time they're doing the two stop strategy. Paul Wolf atop the pit box. All in his driver down. So while we wait for Joey Logano, do you want to give a really good recovery for Kyle Busch? Remember on the early labs? This thing he flat spotted attire and when I say he flat spotted that he had it all the way down to the cords. It's amazing. You didn't Waller or get off the course our end of entire Berries or anything.

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