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Follow somebody like and we tweet them and they may do that back and then i'm also on instagram also instagram accomplish jason and you can find me on the facebook as well and if you have a great company out there that is in my goldilocks zone which means have got their product built in a couple of customers but they don't have their series email me an introduction jason at cal academy dot com i first name on my last name i am always available to meet with great founders who are building awesome products okay enough the plugs my guest today is red nose odd and he is one of the top three angel investors currently investing in silicon valley his firm is pair dot vc pa rwc why pair started the fund alerted obama yarn for it thank you my my partner more herschensohn paid when everybody knows you so what do we put your first them on my first them said was page more and more but he never wanted have never wanted to have our name at the door and he i wanna build the institution that lasts for generation bring partners on board an excellent ever it i never wanted people worked for me than one i wanted to work with me and then be search for her name and i thought i always thought ideas found there's are like fruit they need water need soil they'd need farmers and i hope pomegranate is right name because it's a of ceding in and yeah yeah but it was overuse hard to a spell in in this firm i asked him to bring a name that it's fruit and been pair came up by said by this is the nato because they're pairing entrepreneurs and appease beijing monday are as you are a few love it'll be anyway yeah and what's what's great about it is it literally as my favorite fruits oh is that right i have a pair tree in my backyard and literally the last three months.

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