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On the on the plasma it can actually skin the smart contract transactions also and. that's where the idea of matic Was born and he kind of dropped a and you know that time only we were. He was also developing some of the dagger you were just mentioning legged was simple idiom for listening today rent so we got into talking and all that and i realize that this is really begin. Disconnect and that was that was a time where the took us moment had also hit so you know it was like realized that this like this is a big problem in the space. And let's do something to solve this. And then we joined hands and slowly actually. It was not a token project but then we realized that for the security of the network it will be required. Then then you know we like matic became what magic yesterday. Like ugly two thousand eighteen. We kind of set up company everything. So we'll talk more about the plasma and all the technical aspects of the of matic a little bit later on. I i'd like to talk a little bit about about the crypto scenes specifically in bangalore so the matic office at least before covid wasn't in bangalore and no bangalore is known worldwide but also like in southeast asia for its first startup ecosystem. How significant is the crypto seen within that broader startup because system that consists of you know like consumer startups and like a lot of general consumer companies and most of the crypto startup activity. Come from bangalore. Or are there other centers in india where you see activity in dumps of dole initially lake. What boomed in india was to trading side of things so initially the epi said that. If you if you call it like you know it was mumbai started and then of course delhi was also like big in the scene bang law. Of course they would be like a lot of trading groups and other but it was not that big initially but then you know slowly. The developers You know got excited into the space. So this this talking end of two thousand seventeen very few from india were actually in the block in space and a it was mostly around. Crypto and crypto raiding. Caddo stuff so bangor was not that big. At that point damon way would be like momentarily would be much bigger in that sense and then of course like The lake leg not once but it. It took a lot of times oregon developers to become and even now i would not say the even though bangladesh consider silicon valley of india and pretty big in the startup space but the kind of entrepreneurial elite of india is still not very much into crypto. Space that much because of the you know of course regulatory kind of gray area or kind of uncertainty. That is there eventually most. Don't understand blockchain dort that will also like whoever out there. They're kind still You know on the surface. So i'm ben. I'm saying entrepreneurial lead. I'm talking like some of these top engineering colleges like i. I am on that like the because they have a lot of like funding available in the traditional space also and also even now like ninety nine point nine percent of those startups would be going into only few start of. I've started. Seizing have started coming out from these elite kind of colleges of india but like most of the other entrepreneurs are you know mostly from the fintechs intact kind of space who you know kind of got to know about crypto and you know all of tech and then you know they don't want to do something in this. We started at that point. I was almost like no protocol team at all in the in the in the space so when we started to seventeen like we realize that this is a big problem even though there were a lot of lancer developers from india but they were no like people who were in the program. That's why our officers were also in mumbai. Once week i know these are funded and then realized realized that you know in order to hire the island. We might have to like we even that we have to. We might have to hire from outside of india because they might not be but we were very luckily surprised when we started in doing a lot of people that a lot of indian lopez the good developers who got interested. And you don't understand. They were working ford legacy lenses for a lot of like us and germany and your biz countries and we were able to hire easily over there so now i think it's very vibrant swiss in terms of like you can find a decent number of portable levels india and with us also like we have been laid relentlessly doing so many towns like last year and this is a crazy number. That last year did like eighty towns all over india And you know these are apart from the global economy we do and most of the community doesn't even know about it that you know what we are doing For for lionel spread of tedium in india. This year we would be all of these virtual now decided we'd be crossing more than one hundred hundred. The estimate right now and these are apart from the global hackers that we do with good point he online and that and these acapella happened in like all the technology schools of india so slowly now. The developer community is waking up. And that's what we've been trying to do. They go to the gospel level. If on the if in on the technology school level the developers are interface blockchain that this is also a good career opportunity and all that so they will be more excited about it and now like yeah so i mean we kind of keep getting a lot of interest from the developers who are like as like college students fortieth wherever you know to us for winter and yup like lecture. The bangalore's blockchain scene is now slowly slowly spreading especially the tech blockchain's if that was the that was your question curto spaces all over like you know bloom by delete.

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