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One that is in place to keep people in reality of sorts of no. You can't go here you can't go there but yeah there's there's some really strange things going on. There's activity that kind of like rebooted around two. She thousand sixteen right around when this oil rig Quentin right around when new ownership purchased and It's it's very interesting. Yeah definitely sounds interesting. What do you mean by these? Wolves have paranormal characteristics. Or whatever you said I mean Have you seen wolves do crazy things. That aren't natural absolutely insane things with excellent researchers and to to put it in perspective. What I thought made everything possible? Unfortunately and not myself I. There were others present and and it was basically this black mist or nebulous look like gnats or maybe some nanotechnology technology. It's hard to put this in when you're under moonlight in the middle of the desert badlands. At no no ambient light. Uc some forming before you like everybody else describes with getting walkers or with Jin or with some of these other areas spoke of it is almost like something andy or elemental turning into something material and or like a dust devil turning into be creature. And that's exactly what happened. It turned into this. Canine and it was close enough in proximity and large enough. That myself and the other the researcher we're like this is too much and just as our mind started to wander on what to do. It's fight or flight this entity not kind of be constructed and went back down into some other form and that was smaller and easier to deal deal with. We actually both really don't know what happened at that point. It was like a small porcupine and it was very very interesting what it was doing. And in retrospect I often talked to the researcher about exactly what we saw. That kind of our phone conversation goes. Hey Man has gone have you. You've been so that night like like we've talked about many times is trying to deconstruct it. But definitely some inter dimensional uh-huh cryptic able to maneuver through space and time like animal in nature but maybe spiritual in essence dominant yet very passive so kind of the Alpha Apex Predator. But then yet when you're hit with the fight or flight it's got what it needed already and it Kinda deconstructs and I don't know what it it is. It's very interesting. It really is interesting. And so we're talking about You and the researcher having lost time after experiencing wincing something very paranormal Out there and it's one of those things where you hear so doing what I do talking to all the people that I talked to list of The fascination of these topics aren't childlike. Wonder anymore like a once wise. I one time I was like. Wow what could this be this that and the other now so I really get off on hearing similarities between people stories. So like I'll hear somebody say something and I'll be like I heard that before a year ago. Only you're talking to me about aliens and this person was talking about bigfoot and I make notes of that in my mind I really like you know connecting dots and putting puzzles together and skin Walker ranch is filled with that kind of stuff. And so you're talking about lost time. which is something that actually is very popular amongst people who've had alien abduction in scenarios? Now this was an alien abduction scenario as far as you know I mean but you're talking about you don't remember what happened after that point. Do you remember there being a time where you actually realize or you can remember what time it was like. How long of a period there was that? You don't remember well. There is something going gone there because it is not unlike other cases you hear about missing time. I'm not saying that it's not Artificial alien intelligent but if you KINDA strike in the hot dome and what is currently spoken by the people there where this took place you have to Kinda puts headed the mix or the mixture. You do get the legend of the Skin Walker where there's many of missing time and these things appearing disappearing carrying in the desert High desert but still desert and these these inter dimensional crypt. It's usually in in wolf form able to whether they're spiritual darker most likely because of their trickster nature they are dominant yet very passive. They don't actually really ever it. They can. I'm sure but if not provoked. They are really.

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